Manic Panic's New Dyes Are Revolutionary & Unicorn-Friendly

Unicorns, unicorn hair, and the '90s are all things pop culture is absolutely obsessed with right now. Beloved '90s hair dye brand Manic Panic is making unicorn hair more accessible and professional, as the brand's Manic Panic Professional Hair Color Collection is headed to salons through the spring. So unicorn hair and the '90s are colliding in an epic way.

Yes, you can fully commit to DIY unicorn hair with Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair dye collection, which looks absolutely fantastic.

But Manic Panic's pro collection, which is vegan and features 11 shades according to Allure, is an unusual translucent gel formula that is best left in the hands of a professional. Hence, the name!

The professional series is not recommended for home usage and was created specifically for salons. Therefore, if you'd prefer to let a licensed stylist work their unicorn magic, Manic Panic presents another option.

Allure notes that the gel dye is super moisturizing, works to strength hair, and is comprised of lactic acid and castor seed oil.

While you might be bummed about not being able to bend over the kitchen sink to color your hair at home with this version of Manic Panic, there is an additional piece of good news. The revolutionary gel formula will last up to 40 shampoos, all the while evenly distributing the color so you can get the best unicorn 'do.

The Unicorn Frapp may be extinct, but pink and blue uni hair remains a trend that I don't foresee fading anytime soon. Manic Panic's pro dyes won't fade quick, either. You just have to wash your hair less to keep color bomb AF.

You'll need to research what salons will stock this dye for its customers and clients.

But if you prefer to be punk rock and color your hair on your own and at home with a trusty tub or tube of Manic Panic, that option remains a viable and available one.