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Megan Thee Stallion On Makeup, Self-Care, & Her Mission To Build An Empire

Big hottie energy.

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Megan Thee Stallion. Hot-Girl Meg. Tina Snow. Suga. And, perhaps the more lesser known Megan Pete, born and raised in Texas.

Since Savagethe viral single that skyrocketed the buzzy artist’s career — Meg has explored unique alter egos, no doubt tapping into different parts of her personality at the same time. Now, on the heels of her second studio album titled Traumazine, her artistry and sense of self is fully embraced.

When it comes to glam, for example, she no doubt loves a full beat with boldly lined eyes and a contoured pout to match. Yet recently, she’s seemingly been empowered to bare it all on more than one occasion, sharing her natural, unfiltered skin with her Hotties (the loving name used for her fan base). What’s more, she’s adopted a new alter ego to accompany the inspired era — Hot-Girl Coach — taking on an almost mentor-like role and encouraging her community to focus on their health, happiness, and self-care practices, above all else.

In an interview with Thee Stallion herself, Meg told Bustle all about her current beauty essentials, what a typical off-day looks like, and what’s next for her career.


Can you tell me a bit more about the #GetColorStayed campaign?

I’ve been a global ambassador for Revlon for a few years now and everything really came together in an organic way because I’ve always been a huge fan of their products. I’ve been using the ColorStay line as part of my glam routine and I love it, especially whether I’m out with friends or performing for the Hotties.

I know Revlon recently hosted a trip for beauty influencers in Miami to test out products from the line as part of the #GetColorStayed campaign, so I’m sure everyone got to see firsthand how reliable Revlon products truly are.

Speaking of Miami, what is your vibe like when you touchdown in the city?

When I’m in Miami, I’m just carefree and living my best life. Miami is one of those cities where you can have a healthy balance of tranquility and turn up, so it’s the best of both worlds.

When packing your beauty bag for travel, what are some of your essentials that you can't live without?

Revlon’s Rose Glow Face Mist is definitely one of my favorite products to bring when I’m traveling. It keeps my skin hydrated, especially after a long flight. Sometimes, I even use it on my shoulders and chest for a nice glow.

Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lip Gloss is definitely a must-have for me, and I absolutely love the Crystal Clear and Rosy Future shades. But you can’t go wrong with the ColorStay line and I’ve really been loving the ColorStay Micro Brow Pencil and ColorStay Micro Easy Precision Liquid Liner.


What does a rest day look like for you?

Self-care is an important part of my rest days. When I’m taking time off, I’m usually working out, spending time with my dogs, watching some of my favorite shows, journaling, and just laying low to recharge my body and mind. I encourage all my Hotties to make sure they carve out time to themselves, set boundaries when it’s needed, and focus on being the [best] version of yourselves in all areas of your life.

What are some career milestones, dreams, or personal goals that you hope to achieve one day?

I want to build an empire and just keep evolving as an artist, entertainer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. I have several film and TV projects and ideas that I can’t wait to bring to life. Philanthropy is incredibly important to me and I’m still working on new initiatives for my organization, The Pete & Thomas Foundation. There’s just so much that I want to accomplish.