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Megan Thee Stallion's Spiky Bun & Green Eyeshadow Are Absolute Fire

It’s giving real-life anime.

Megan Thee Stallion recently wore her hot-red hair in a spiky bun & green eyeshadow. The Y2K-inspire...
Robin L Marshall/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Leave it to Megan Thee Stallion to take a trend and make it completely her own, with iconic glam moments that constantly seem to push the limits of her endless creativity. Case in point: Her light up acrylic manicure she wore in Japan not too long ago, or perhaps the Mugler jeans she recently rocked with the derrière completely cut-out.

Most recently? The Traumazine rapper took to the ‘gram to drop some fire selfies — and TBH, they low-key make her look like a fiery, red haired, ultra-glam, Y2K-inspired anime character.

Spiky buns have been spotted on celeb-studded red carpets, runways, and beyond this year, with A-listers like Bella Hadid, Doja Cat, and Olivia Rodrigo being no stranger to rocking their own versions of the nostalgic look. But thee hot girl turns it up a notch or two, with dramatized hair spikes jetting from her sleek ballerina bun, and pin-straight angled bangs falling from a deep side part. What’s more? Her red velvet hued strands and emerald green cut crease eyeshadow are reminiscent of a trendy Poison Ivy cosplay without even trying. And never one to be spotted without a fresh set, Meg completed her look with super long, pink nails.

For those that stan Meg’s music — you may be in for a seriously unexpected treat ... The artist not only made a cameo in Marvel’s She-Hulk series, but was seemingly on the set of Stranger Things (and with her new red hair and some serious spider nail art to match).

Whether or not she has been casted in the cult-fave Netflix show has yet to be confirmed, it’s safe to say Meg has only started her complete takeover in more ways than one.