The Unlikely Medical Product ‘BiP’s Kelsey Weier Uses To Mattify Makeup

Plus, four other ways to keep the oiliness at bay in extreme heat.

by Emily McClure and Audrey Noble
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'Bachelor in Paradise' star Kelsey Weier revealed that she uses Milk of Magnesia (yup, the laxative)...
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After witnessing Bachelor nation split over whether Greg is emotionally manipulative or not (TL;DR: he is), everyone wanted — nay, needed — some harmless fun infused back into the franchise. Thank the reality TV gods that Bachelor In Paradise is back.

In its seventh season premiere Monday night, fans were introduced to the 20 contestants who will be enjoying the beautiful beaches of Mexico and fighting for love. But what fans did not expect to find was a secret beauty hack that helps prevent makeup from melting in hot, humid weather. All of this is thanks to Kelsey Weier (a.k.a. Champagne Girl from #champagnegate).

So what’s Weier’s secret to making sure she doesn’t look overly shiny during her time in Paradise? The answer: Milk of Magnesia. Yes, you read that correctly. Milk of Magnesia, the laxative.

“I sweat a lot in my face and a makeup artist told me about the Milk of Magnesia,” Weir explains to Paradise’s resident bartender Wells Adams.

Adams — like you most likely — was taken aback but, turns out, there is some proof that it works. But don’t worry if that’s not for you; there are definitely other ways to mattify your complexion. And no, powder is not one of them because why put on more makeup if you don't have to?

The secret to a matte complexion is all in the prep work. By focusing on your skin care routine prior to your makeup application, you can achieve both an airbrushed finish and long-lasting coverage. What more could a makeup lover ask for? Scroll down to find five great options and the right one for you.

Milk of Magnesia

When it comes to battling oily skin, sometimes you have to get creative. According to, dabbing small amounts of milk of magnesia before applying your makeup will help to keep you shine-free all day long. Apparently, the liquid contains many oil-fighting ingredients that help to keep shine at bay. So, if you have extremely oily skin, and crave a matte finish, then you may need to head to the drugstore. And as Weir puts it “it can be multi-use.”

Blotting Papers

Blotting papers are great for absorbing excess oil and they’re super easy to use. These sheets from JOAH are absorbent, made with antibacterial bamboo charcoal, and biodegradable if you’re looking to be more eco-conscious. A win all-around.

Makeup Primers

To get makeup to really hold, use a primer. This one from Smashbox doubles as a primer and radiance booster. It’s made with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to keep skin hydrated and give you that natural-looking dewy glow. And you can use it with or without makeup.

If it’s TikTok-approved, you know it’s good. This gel primer goes on super smooth and really locks makeup in place. Many other benefits include skin-nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants and a really refreshing mint scent.

Setting Spray

Control shine and excess oil with this spray. This light mist makes skin look silky and matte, rather than cakey. It’s the perfect spray to lock in makeup before stepping out for the day.

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