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Olive & June’s Press-On Nails Make At-Home Manis Easier Than Ever

Here’s everything you need to know.

Olive & June’s press-on nails are making nail art really easy. It's basically an instant manicure, a...
Olive & June

Ever tried at-home nail art and failed? No judgment here; it can be hard. Even with the many ways for you to create nail art at home, sometimes it doesn’t come out exactly the way you want it to. But not all hope is lost. This fall, Olive & June’s fresh take on press-on nails will be giving everyone the solution to the at-home mani problem: say hello to the Instant Mani.

“What I kept hearing from the [Olive & June] community, what they would say to each other was, ‘I just wish I could pop on your nails’ or ‘I just wish my nails looked like yours.’ So it got me thinking that the real answer to that [need] is press-ons,” Olive & June founder and CEO Sarah Gibson Tuttle tells Bustle exclusively. “Nail art is something we were truly missing.”

The Instant Mani will come in 44 — yes 44 — shades and nail designs. From classic Olive & June colors and salon-favorite nail art, you are bound to find something you’ll love. (Tuttle says you can also mix and match different colors and designs for a really unique look). There are also four different shapes — squoval, round, oval, and almond — and four different nail lengths — extra short, short, medium, and long — to choose from.

Olive & June

Each pack comes with everything you need to put them on, such as a non-damaging glue, an alcohol nail prep pad, a cuticle pusher, and a 2-in-1 nail file and buffer. But what really sets this collection apart from the rest is its nail size inclusivity. You’ll find each pack comes with 42 individual nails (21 different sizes) so that you can find the right fit for you.

“What we were trying to do from the start was be size-inclusive,” Tuttle says. “The thing about press-ons has been that every pack has a certain amount of nails and the size range is pretty limited. So the first thing we looked at was how can we be size-inclusive, or as size-inclusive as possible. We're launching double the amount of size in the market.”

The nails are made from up to 94 percent post-consumer recycled material, making them reusable and more environmentally friendly than the average press-on. And the price point isn’t too bad, either: a whole set costs $10. Realistic nail art for a fraction of the cost of a salon appointment? It’s all anyone really wants.

“I’ve had my best friends [recently] tell me, ‘Oh your nails look good, but of course they look good: you own Olive & June.’ I tell them ‘These are press-ons. You can have them, too,’” she says. “When you want it to look real, you have to be super thoughtful about the shape, the length, and the sizes so that everyone can find the nail that works best for them.”

Olive & June

Application is easy, even for a press-on nail novice. If you’re super new to fake nails, Tuttle suggests starting with a short or medium length to get them to last the full seven days. The longer the press-on nail, she says, the higher the chance of it popping off. Plus, you’ll want to get a hang of how much glue to put on, which she says you should be putting on both the bottom of the press-on and the top of your natural nail for it to really hold.

“Don't be shy; put glue on. You can always use your little wet stick to clean up the excess glue,” she says. “Hold it for 30 to 60 seconds and they will not come off.”

Prepping the nail is just as key. She says to make sure to remove all oil and water from your nail beds and to use the nail strengthener or primer to avoid any adhesion issues. With those tips in mind, you’ll be able to put these on with no problem.

The brand is also launching a Press-On System that gives you everything you need to put on and take off your nails. You can either opt for a Press-On System with one set of nails ($54) or four sets of nails ($80). Included in both are a carry-all storage pouch, nail clippers, a nail file, a nail buffer, a cuticle pusher, cuticle serum, nail strengthener, and press-on removal system. This removal system consists of acetone, 20 sponges, and reusable silicone caps to place over your press-ons as they soak in acetone (genius). It’s the ultimate set that can turn even the biggest press-on doubters into believers.

“I truly wasn't sure if we were ever going to launch press-ons,” Tuttle says. “When the community wanted it and we had the nail art solved, I was like, ‘Let me try them.’ And I just fell in love.”

Chances are you will too. The Instant Mani and the Press-On System are available at