This New Nail App Lets You Try Hundreds Of New Polishes Right At Home

It’s next level.

Sally Hansen nail polish colors can be tried at home for free.

Having too many fabulous nail polishes to pick from is arguably a good problem to have. But for the indecisive beauty lover out there that needs help picking the right shade, this is the new innovation is for you. Today, nail brand Sally Hansen is launching a virtual and interactive try-on tool to allow consumers to experience all of the different nail polish colors it has to offer.

“Nail polish is a highly impulsive category — consumers love to experiment with any number of shades and finishes,” writes Jen-Denis Mariani, Chief Digital Officer at Coty (home of Sally Hansen), in a press release about the launch. “Now, Sally Hansen fans can feel free to play even more with our new virtual try-on tool.”

The way it works is pretty simple (and it costs nothing). On your phone, you go to to access the virtual tool. You can filter what color, polish finish, and benefits you want to virtually try on. Then in real-time, you can see how your selected polish looks on your hand, using your phone’s camera. No need to send a picture or have color placed on a still photo. This is all thanks to the technology created by Perfect Corp. called AgileHand Technology.

Sally Hansen

“The technology that Perfect Corp. has created is truly unmatched in the market — offering an augmented reality experience where consumers see how precisely color-matched polish performs on their exact skin tone and nail shape and in changing lighting,” writes Mariani in the same press release. “We are proud to work alongside Perfect Corp. as the first brand to put this technology into — and onto — the hands of consumers.”

Sally Hansen

Once you decide on a color, you can purchase your selected nail polish through Sally Hansen or an online retailer that carries the brand. So if you’re in the market for new polish, give it a try. It’s a super cool (and accessible) way to up your nail game.