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Sydney Sweeney Debuted A Shaggy Black Bob On The Met Gala Red Carpet

My jaw actually dropped.

Sydney Sweeney debuted a new hair look at the 2024 Met Gala.
Theo Wargo/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images

Every year, on the first Monday in May, the world’s biggest stars and most stylish icons grace the red carpet on the steps of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Though the annual Met Gala is considered to be fashion’s biggest night out, it also happens to be one of the best beauty events of the year — and 2024 is no different.

The event’s “Garden of Time” theme inspired countless hair and makeup transformations, from avant-garde glam to full-blown fairycore (and one set of elf-inspired ear prosthetics). One of the most jaw-dropping reveals of the night, though, came from one Ms. Sydney Sweeney, who showed up on the red carpet looking unrecognizable in a jet-black bob.

Sydney’s Jet-Black Shaggy Bob

It goes without saying that Sweeney is very much associated with her lengthy blonde hair. Though she did briefly experiment with a strawberry-color look, for the most part, she has stayed true to her signature sun-kissed vibe.

Though her color rarely changes, the tried-and-true blonde recently swapped out her long strands to experiment with shorter styles. In early March, Sweeney chopped her hair into a shaggy lob, and a few weeks later, she went even shorter with a chin-grazing bob.

Needless to say, that’s why it was *so* surprising (in a good way!) to see the Anyone But You actor in a whole new look on the steps of the Met.

Theo Wargo/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images

Sweeney’s eyelash-skimming, jet-black bob made for a cool contrast against her Cinderella-esque gown (equally cool: her black leather opera gloves). Taken as a whole, the look felt straight out of an edgy fairytale — as if Cinderella decided to ditch the prince, become friends with Billie Eilish, and live happily ever after.

Glen Oropeza — her go-to hairstylist behind the look — created some shaggy texture to add a little edge.

Theo Wargo/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images

While the dark black bob is likely a wig, Sweeney chose to keep the truth a secret when speaking to a Variety interviewer on the carpet. “I’ll never tell,” she told the reporter before confessing, “You’ll see tomorrow.”

Until then, we’ll be taking bets.

Her Doe Eyes & Silver Body Glitter

Although part of her blue-gray eyes were hidden behind the lengthy bangs, they weren’t lost in the mix thanks to makeup artist Melissa Hernandez. Her big blue eyes looked even bolder thanks to doll-like lower lashes and vibrant pink brush that brightened the under-eye area.

Theo Wargo/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images

The finishing touch? A smattering of silver sparkles along Sweeney’s décolletage, which shined *almost* as brightly as her diamond necklace.