This Unique Lip Sculptor Is Better Than That TikTok Lip Contour Hack

Get it before it hits the “For You” page.

By Shawna Hudson

I don’t know about everyone else, but my TikTok “For You” page is pretty much an endless scroll of skin care product reviews, beauty tutorials, and, of course, those infamous TikTok makeup hacks — not that I’m complaining! From instant facelifts to how to DIY your own liquid eyeliner, there’s no limit to what beauty-savvy TikTokers can come up with. One of my latest discoveries? A TikTok lip contour hack that uses contouring face makeup to make your pout appear fuller. The only drawback? It’s not exactly easy...

While this intriguing trick can be a total game-changer, if you’d rather streamline your makeup routine, there’s a unique product out there that can help you achieve those same beautiful, bee-stung lips without all the extra steps featured in the TikTok hack. Meet the Tom Ford Lip Sculptor: an innovative lip product that’ll make a full pout super attainable.

Ready to see how the Tom Ford Lip Sculptor measures up to the TikTok trick? Read on — and prepare to pucker up.

How The TikTok Lip Contour Hack Works

Before wowing you with the effectiveness and simplicity of the lip sculptor, let me first explain how this TikTok makeup hack works. (Fair warning: This is not the simplest of makeup routines so proceed with caution, contour novices.)

The idea behind the hack is to create the illusion of a more defined pout, essentially getting the effect of the Botox lip flip — sans the Botox, of course. Instead of solely contouring areas like the cheekbones or forehead, you add shadows around your lips, dragging the lines around your top lip up and away, and the ones around your bottom lip down your chin.

As long as you blend like it’s nobody’s business, it could totally work. But, if you fall into the “less is more” camp like moi, then this multistep TikTok hack might not be for you.

That’s where the one and only Tom Ford Lip Sculptor comes in.

How To Use The Tom Ford Lip Sculptor

Tom Ford’s double-ended lip sculptor can shape, define, and contour your lips to perfection without all the extra steps in between, making it the one product you’ll always reach for in your lightened-up makeup bag, day or night.

On one end, you’ll find a lip liner that comes in an array of shades that range from natural to bright and bold. This is where the magic lies, as the liner can be used to shape lips and give the illusion of a plumper pout in five minutes, tops. Anyone with a shaky hand will also appreciate the angled tip: It’s sharp for more precision and control, and the highly pigmented hues glide on super smoothly.

To get a defined pucker similar to what the TikTok hack delivers, first choose a neutral shade of the Tom Ford Lip Sculptor — like the hue Divulge. Then, go in and shade the corners of your lips, as well as your cupid’s bow, to achieve a contoured lip look.

After you’ve lined and defined, you can then go in with the brush end of the product to blend out any hard edges, giving your newly fuller lips a more natural appearance. So not only does this method require far less time to pull off, but you’ll also have way more authority over your desired lip shape and size.

Don’t get me wrong: Trying out new makeup hacks on TikTok is always fun, but when it comes to my everyday routine, I prefer one-and-done products that can go anywhere I do. An elaborate contour can’t easily be touched up throughout the day, but with the Tom Ford Lip Sculptor in my bag, I’ll always have that ability. And if fuller-looking, lush lips are a daily priority for you, I dare might say that this product is your new holy grail.

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