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Every “Ugly” Trend Billie Eilish Has Worn Like An Absolute Pro

From dad sneakers to zig-zag headbands.

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Billie Eilish wears a sheer black dress to attend the 2023 Met Gala.
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Billie Eilish is a certified high-fashion girlie. She’s graced countless covers of style magazines and has slipped into the most decadent of ensembles for exclusive fashion soirées (ex: the Met Gala). But on stage, off duty, and at events, Eilish absolutely embraces her own blend of emo cool-girl style. With a love for all things bold and daring, the singer doesn’t stray from more polarizing styles many would deem “ugly.”

Whether she’s rocking head-scratching retro trends like logomania, wearing the sneakers your Dad wore on repeat in the ’90s, or styling her hair in the elastic headband that dominated the 2000s, she wears endless styles you might have once turned your nose up at.

Because the “Bad Guy” singer absolutely slays every single ‘fit she dons, you might want to reconsider incorporating these Eilish-approved trends back into your wardrobes. Who knows, you may even have an item or two already lying around. You say convenient, I say kismet. Style them with cozy pieces in bold tones à la Billie, or inject a piece or two into your current rotation to ease into these forgotten favorites.

From head-to-neon to utility vests, and more, Eilish is bringing back these once-hated looks with fervor. Here are her 11 favorites.

Zig-Zag Headbands


These stretchy zig-zag headbands sat atop heads of the most stylish in the ’90s and early aughts, but have since been discarded as “ugly.” Well, Eilish is bringing them back and hard-launching her love for ‘em on main.

Dad Sneakers

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The singer loves chunky dad sneakers to punctuate her sportswear look.

Blinding Neon

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Whether on her hair or her clothes, there’s nothing bolder than Eilish in full neon.

Utility Vests

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As the name suggests, utility vests have always been deemed a more functional garment, versus chic. But Eilish wore the zipper-laden item and took it to cute and utterly nostalgic territory in a Powerpuff Girl print. Need.

Head-To-Toe Plaid Skirt

Billie Eilish’s Power Plaid Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Few people could pull off an old-school plaid print from head to toe. The artist is one of those select few.

Lumpy Sweaters

Neil Mockford/GC Images/Getty Images

Eilish has made a habit of going big or going home — when it comes to both her music and her sweater collection. For her, the lumpier the sweater, the better.

Impossibly Massive Sweaters

CBS Photo Archive/CBS/Getty Images

A close cousin of the lumpy knit, the humongous sweater, punctuated with a hemline and sleeves about a foot too long, is one of the singer’s “ugly” go-tos.

Brand Logos

Koury Angelo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No one does full-logo looks quite like Eilish, seen here in a puffer from the North Face x Gucci collab. She makes a borderline-tacky print look chic.

Colorful Overalls

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Overalls get a bad rap, but in a bright color? Even more so. Eilish expertly rocked her canary yellow overalls with pops of the same hue throughout her ‘fit. So good.

Printed Bike Shorts

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Bike shorts have officially made their comeback and Eilish chose a Burberry design for an on-stage performance. She topped the look with an oversized top.

Argyle Sweaters

If anyone can make a librarian-esqe argyle pattern look cute, it’s her. Double points for the V-neck cardigan style.

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