Why “Patch Snatch” Ponytails Are Everywhere Right Now

Maya Jama & Simone Ashley’s hairstylist Patrick Wilson spills the tea.

"Patch Snatch" Ponytails Are Everywhere Right Now
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Celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer Ambassador Patrick Wilson, who has worked with everyone from Maya Jama to Simone Ashley knows a thing or two about trending hairstyles. He’s not only a magician when it comes to hair, but he’s also an innovator and trendsetter as evidenced by Jessie Ware’s slicked back look, which she shared on Instagram on Jun 1. “The ‘Patch Snatch’ ponytail has been getting a lot of attention this week at the shows and the secret’s out... It’s all in the hands of @patrickwilson...” the singer wrote. But what is a “Patch Snatch” ponytail?

Of course, there was only one thing to do. We hit up Wilson for the low down on what this new trend entails, and how to achieve the look at home. It turns out, the “Patch Snatch” ponytail is inspired by Wilson’s name, and a look loved by our fave supermodel. “The Patch Snatch is a play on my own name (my nickname being Patch – short for Patrick), and the snatch being the hairstyle loved by the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner," the hairstylist shared.

Wilson added that more and more celebrities have been requesting the style, so he had no other option to give it a name. According to Wilson, the best way to achieve the look is to position it correctly at the back of your head, which varies from person to person depending on their face shape. Wilson explains: “I like to use the contour of the face, following the angle of the cheekbones and the eye level to ensure the ponytail isn’t placed too high or too low.”

He achieves this by blow drying the hair away from the face in the direction you want the ponytail to sit. A sleek base is a must, so Wilson uses Sam McKnight’s Modern Hairspray, £22, onto the Tangle Teezer’s Ultimate Styler brush, £15, to smooth the hair into place while simultaneously working the hairspray into the hair.

The key to the perfect ponytail is all about holding great tension and making sure it’s secure so it lasts all day. “I use hat elastic to secure the ponytail in place,” he adds. “But if you are doing this look yourself, I would recommend using a bungee hook.” We all know that the finishing touch to a ponytail is laid edges and the Wilson recommends the OG classic Eco Style Olive Oil Styling Gel, £3.99, to smooth down flyaways. He also uses a toothbrush to help with detail.

However, Wilson advises against this style for those experiencing any form of hair loss, since it’s important not to add any more tension to the hair line. “People with alopecia should be wearing their hair loose and breathable,” he adds. If you have length, or can have length added with the help of extensions, you can rock the “Patch Snatch” ponytail for any occasion.

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