14 Claw Clip Hairstyles That Look Effortlessly Chic

From #Pamcore updos to voluminous ponytails.

With beauty girlies and A-listers alike very much on team claw clip (like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, to name a few), it’s no surprise that the beauty aficionados of the world would create some effortless claw clip hairstyles to switch things up with their daily go-to accessories.

First emerging in the ’90s and continuing to be well-loved throughout the early 2000s, Millennials know that claw clips were a total must-have. And just as countless other Y2K-era trends are making their way to the forefront — think icy blue eyeshadow, nostalgic vanilla perfumes, hair tinsel, low-rise denim, and more — it only makes sense that the clips frequently worn by Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel on the cult-fave sitcom Friends would make their way into more modern glam moments.

And while French hair pins have been named as the more elevated hair-cessory to make your looks a bit more SFW or fancy for a nighttime event — claw clips undoubtedly still reign on the popularity front (with no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, thankfully).

If you’re looking to change up your everyday look with some surprisingly easy-to-recreate ‘dos, here are 14 unique claw clip hairstyles to serve as your inspo.


A Classic Claw Clip Bun

Keep it classic and cute with a basic (but still adorable) Y2K-inspired clipped bun à la Madison Beer.


A #Pamcore Updo

Pamela Anderson-inspired messy updos are likely all over your IG feeds and For You Pages ... and this claw clip #Pamcore bun most definitely is one of the easier looks to nail.


A Half-Up, Half-Down Pony

Add some extra volume to your strands with this easy half-up ‘do.


An Elegant Twist

Elevate a basic claw clip updo with a twist.


A Voluminous Split Pony

Split your ponytail with a claw clip to quick (and cool) way to style your braids.


A Clipped Bun With Messy Front Strands

Let out a few front pieces of hair like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for a bit of added romance.


A Claw Clip Hat Hack

Love a dad hat look but still want to rock an updo? Tap this genius clip hack to pull your hair off the nape of your neck in a pinch.


A Space Buns Look In Seconds

Turn up the sweetness on your space buns by securing them with matching claw clips.


A Sophisticated Clipped Braid

A classic braid is made all the more chic when wrapped up with a Y2K clip.


A Slicked-Back Ballerina Bun

Slicked-back buns have had their moment on red carpets and beyond in recent months — and this sleek balletcore bun secured with a clip is all things easy and put-together.


A Half-Up Wrapped Bun

Add a bit of elegance by wrapping your tresses around the top of the claw clip, just like this half-up ‘do.


An Elevated Messy Bun

Create a messy bun that is sure to stay in place all day with this easy hack.


A Baby-Braided Claw Clip Moment

Decorate your claw clip bun with baby braids that give serious Khaleesi vibes.


A TikTok-Viral Flipped Pony

Give your sleek, middle-parted ponytail some serious volume with an expertly placed clip.