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The Best Vacationcore Outfits From White Lotus Season 2

They’re back in a BIG way.

white lotus season 2 best outfits

If season two of HBO’s White Lotus left you with anything — apart from a dying curiosity of the drama within the hospitality industry — it’s a strong urge to shop for a tropical vacation you probably don’t even have planned. The show does an excellent job of creating an aesthetic that unfolds with each character’s development.

White Lotus costume designer Alex Bovaird, who has also worked on films like Nope and The Perks of Being a Wallflower explained how she developed each characters’ signature styles in an interview Vogue. She focused on the character’s individual storylines to find pieces that speak to them and translate to the story.

In season one, viewers quickly learn that the guests are rich and out of touch — very much embodying the wealth and privilege that is associated with luxury hospitality. But more than that, the show has undertones of race, class, and gender issues that are also communicated through sartorial statements (like Connie Briton’s $75,000 bracelets from season one).

With a relocation to a gorgeous coastal town in Sicily, this season is sure to see lots of vacationcore/Eurocore/Italycore — essentially, the aesthetic of sipping an Aperol spritz by the Mediterranean while draped in layers of linen. In the meantime, take a look through the best looks of episode one.

This Chill ‘Fit


Portia is every intern realizing they have no idea what they just signed up for. I’m obsessed with her House of Sunny sweater vest and sunglasses from Crap Eyewear.

This Nautical Skirt Set


The more buttoned-up (literally) approach of Plaza’s character is seen within minutes of the opening scenes. While her travel companions opt for brighter colors and bold prints, she wears black, white, and neutrals with tailored silhouettes. Pay attention to the details, because Harper still likes the finer things, like her Bottega Veneta tote that retails for $4,200.

This Starfish Suit

Courtesy of HBO Max

The resort setting of season two’s idyllic Sicilian beaches are already gearing up to serve up swimsuit styles worthy of seeking out for your next vacay, like this nautical themed yellow one-piece.

These Vacation Brights


The Louis Vuitton Raffia Tote, the bright floral Gucci blouse, and the sleek pencil skirt scream “Italian vacation.” For Daphne’s character, a stay-at-home mom at a luxury resort, it fits.

The Black Lingerie


Yep, Jennifer Coolidge is as seductive and funny as ever — and she can work a black negligée and sheer ruffles like nobody’s business.

Both Of These Printed Looks


Mia and Lucia have very different aesthetics, but both absolutely slay. Mia wears a lavender checkered cargo pants and a soft blue crop top and Lucia donned a snake print slip dress with Doc Martens.

The Pucci Swimsuit


Regularly associated with luxury coastal style, designs by Emilio Pucci are sure to make several appearances this season, like in this two piece halter swimsuit.

This Floral Sheath Dress


Did you expect anything less from Jennifer Coolidge? She exudes wealth, with her Valentino pink bag and Versace shades, while delivering the J. Cool charm that she is so beloved for.

This Pure White Pantsuit


This season features be a high-strung, yet very well dressed hotel manager. In episode one, Valentina has already served viewers two fabulous pantsuit looks.

The Black Swimsuit


Harper absolutely stuns in a chic black halter swimsuit with a deep V and gold detail under the bust.

This Voluminous Floral Dress


Puff sleeves, ruffles, and a sassy print — this midi is every bit as extra as Coolidge herself.

This Spicy Mini


Lucia has already proved that she knows how to serve a look — like, this strappy red mini dress. She’s giving off a bit of Maddy from Euphoria vibes, AKA über stylish, sultry, and a bit of a trouble maker, tbh.