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Zendaya & Florence Pugh Maximized Their Joint Slay On The Red Carpet

My Roman empire.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - FEBRUARY 6: Florence Pugh and Zendaya pose for photos during the red carpet fo...
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Some films innately lend themselves to fashion-forward press tours. Barbie, for example, was primed for fashion success, while Anyone But You made a style star out of Sydney Sweeney. Dune: Part Two, however, a sci-fi sequel about intergalactic war, probably wouldn’t be top of mind for a chic circuit. And yet, the press tour is primed to be the most stylish of the year.

The reason — err, reasons for this are two-fold; Their names are Zendaya and Florence Pugh. The actors are considered two of Hollywood’s most fashionable women, so naturally, every time they step out for a Dune-related appearance, their combined style star power is blinding.

The most recent instance of this happened on Tuesday, when the pair attended a fan event in Mexico. They fed off each other’s sartorial energy, effectively maximizing their joint slay.

Zendaya Looked Utterly Futuristic

First up was Zendaya, the original Dune girlie. She’s been leaning hard into the movie’s futuristic vibe for promotional appearances and this time around, she kept to the same fantastical ethos.

Her color palette was all chocolate brown, a neutral color choice that reflected the film’s desert setting. The turtleneck crop top — a design from Bottega Veneta — had an exaggerated fit, which extended to its extra loose sleeves.

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Meanwhile, her skirt was all sorts of dramatic. It came equipped with a thick ostrich leather waistband that added a delicious texture to the wool piece. Silhouettes, proportions, and textures were all at play, which kept the singular color story from feeling drab.

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Meanwhile, Florence Freed The Nip

Pugh’s look was the antithesis of Zendaya’s dark and sculptural co-ord. The newest addition to the film’s cast, Pugh went flowy, draped, and all white.

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Though opposites in color and build, Florence’s outfit, like Zendaya’s, utilized texture and fit to keep the monochromatic look interesting. Designed by Standing Ground, the ivory gown featured a curve-hugging silhouette and a floor-length skirt with asymmetrical ruching.

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A powerhouse duo at work.