LGBT History Month


The 'We're Here' Hosts On Coming Out (Many Times)

“This was before Facebook, so you had to come out a lot of times in a row.”

By Hugh McIntyre
Social Justice

Munroe Bergdorf’s Powerful Speech At London Trans+ Pride 2021 Is A Must-Read

“This is not a moment. We are not a moment. This is our legacy...”

By L'Oréal Blackett

Demi Lovato Is “Obsessed” With Their Dog’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month Fur Makeover

Their dog’s “gorgeous new do” is perfect for Pride.

By Brad Witter

Books For, By, & About Black British LGBTQ+ People

Celebrate Pride Month by delving into stories from Britain's Black queer community.

By Niellah Arboine
Social Justice

UK Charities To Support During LGBT History Month & Beyond

19 organisations where you can offer your money, time, or support.

By Aoife Hanna and Alice Broster
LGBTQ+ History Month

Meet The Instagrammers Behind Black & Gay Back In The Day

And why they decided to start a digital archive that celebrates, honours, and remembers the Black British queer community.

By Sam Rogers
LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ British Milestones: A Timeline

Remembering the challenges and celebrating the achievements of changemakers through the ages in the UK's LGBTQ+ communities.

By Bustle UK
TV & Movies

How 'Friends' Fails Same Sex Families Like Mine

The portrayal of Carol & Susan’s relationships is laced with homophobia & ignores the joy that comes from growing up with two mums.

By Amy Beecham

10 Legendary Acts Who Shaped The British Drag Scene

In honour of LGBT+ History Month, get to know some of the UK's most famous drag queens and kings.

By Sam Ramsden
TV & Movies

10 Times British Soaps Pioneered LGBTQ Representation On TV

From Brookside's Gordon Collins to the complex love story between Eastenders' Iqra & Ash.

By Niellah Arboine

Why 'Sugar Rush' Means As Much To Me Today As It Did 15 Years Ago

"'Euphoria', 'Sex Education', & 'Schitts Creek' are mainstream shows that portray happy and healthy LGBTQ+ relationships. But 'Sugar Rush' walked so they could run."

By Alice Broster