11 Beginner-Friendly Chloe Ting Workouts To Try For A Quick Sweat

They're all 15 minutes or less.

11 best Chloe Ting workouts for beginners — all of which are 15 minutes or less.
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YouTube is a virtual jackpot for really good — and completely free — workouts. Type in any exercise you’re in the mood for, and thousands of videos are bound to pop up to guide you through a sweat sesh. And there are plenty of star fitness pros on the platform — just look at Chloe Ting, whose channel has over 18 million followers. If you’re looking to try out her exercises, dip your toe into her training style by taking the best Chloe Ting workouts for beginners.

Ting is an Australian-based fitness influencer that has an extensive library of workouts, which range from core-focused exercises to HIIT and practically everything else you’d need for work your body from head to toe. One of the reasons why so many people turn to Ting’s workouts is because many of them are short — as in, they’ll bring the burn in 15 minutes or less (perfect for when you’re crunched for time). Oh, and they don’t require any equipment.

Of course, HIIT workouts can be grueling. For a more gentle way to test out Ting’s quickie sweat sessions, there are plenty of entry-level ones to choose from. Get started by working through one of these 11 Chloe Ting workouts for beginners for a nice dose of exercise-induced endorphins.


Quick Arms

This arm-burning workout is only 10 minutes long, which is convenient when you only have a few moments to spare before the WFH grind begins. The exercise moves are simple, easy to follow along, and get your blood pumping.


Upper Body Push

Strength train your upper half with Ting’s beginner-friendly upper body workout sesh. It’ll take you through everything from inverted planks to push-ups (from your knees!) to challenge your muscles in a short amount of time.



This 15-minute sesh is ideal for HIIT newbies. It’ll get you jumping in some plyometric moves, but don’t worry — Ting offers modifications, so it’s welcome to all fitness levels.


Full-Body Burn

Don’t let the mountain climbers and burpees intimidate you in this full-body workout. Ting gives you just enough breaks throughout to catch your breath.


Head-To-Toe Warm-Up

Whether you do this 6-minute warm-up before another workout or move through it to get your blood pumping, it’s a quick but effective way to incorporate some movement into your day.


Stand-Up Abs

Get a killer core workout with Ting’s 10-minute ab sesh. Everything is done while standing, and it’ll work through every single muscle within your trunk.


A Quick Cool-Down

The restorative moves in this gentle 10-minute session are a combo of yoga poses and full-body stretches to open up your muscles — perfect for a recovery day or to do after a day at your desk.


Quick Glute Burn

In just under 10 minutes, this glutes-focused workout takes you through donkey kicks, hip circles, and other bum burners for a quickie sweat.


Apartment-Friendly Full Body

Good news for your neighbors: This full-body strength class is conveniently apartment-friendly and doesn’t include any jumps.


Back Burn

If you don’t have the most comfortable WFH setup, odds are your back is feeling stiff. This arm and back-focused workout is one way to restore your posture and strengthen your upper body.


Core Power

Ting’s well-known for her ab workouts — for good reason. Work your way through different plank variations in this 10-minute exercise routine to hit both your core and arm muscles.