The “Hot Girl Walk” Is Out — TikTokers Are Now Walking 14 Miles For Fun

Some are nicknaming it “urban hiking.”

When you aren’t sure what to do with your day, going for a walk is always a good bet. You can aim to get 10,000 steps, attempt a 12-3-30 on a treadmill, or venture out on a soft hike in nature, and just like that, you’ll have a feeling of direction and a nice dose of endorphins.

On TikTok, some people are taking their strolls a step further (literally) by going on long-distance walks of about 10 miles or more. It’s kind of like a hot girl walk to the extreme, and the idea is racking up millions of views, as walking trends tend to do. (Seriously though, what’s next?)

One viral video, posted on Jan. 21, came from creator @servedbysara who shared her lengthy 14-mile walk, which concluded with her getting boba with friends. In another TikTok, she went on a 16-mile trek to a lake, and in another, a 10-mile walk to get a cup of coffee.

In her walking videos, which she posts every couple of weeks, Sara has admitted that her strolls are often unplanned and that chaotic things happen along the way, like almost missing a ferry or getting caught in the rain. She’s been posting walking videos for years, though, so she embraces the unpredictability as part of the fun.

For anyone who has trouble getting 10,000 steps a day, these long-distance walking might seem unfathomable at first glance, but they aren’t impossible, and they also aren’t meant to be excruciating. In Sara’s comments section, one person said, “I do this with my friends! We call it urban hiking,” while another wrote, “Omg, I do this in my city. So cool to have a term for it.”

TikTokers Are Going On Long Distance Walks

Sara isn’t the only long-distance walker on TikTok. Creator Emily Solar, aka @emilyksolar, also goes for 10-mile treks once or twice a month as a challenge to herself, but instead of doing it all in one go, she’ll wake up early on a Saturday and walk while running errands.

In a viral video from Jan. 27, Solar says she’ll walk to get breakfast, stroll to the grocery store, and get a few treadmill miles in at the gym with her husband.

That usually adds up to seven miles, so she’ll go on an extra walk later in the day — always with a destination in mind — to tack on the final three for a grand total of 23,000 steps. In her video, she mentions that she doesn’t follow much of a workout routine, so long-distance walks have become her go-to way to move.

In her comments, one person said, “This seems very doable and practical. I also hate walking without a plan or mission,” while another wrote, “This is so inspiring! I want to try it.”

The Benefits Of Long Distance Walking

While every creator has their own motivating factor in mind as they set out for a lengthy walk, the general consensus seems to be that it’s a fun challenge and an adventurous way to exercise. And trainers agree.

According to Alayna Curry, a NASM-certified women’s fitness specialist, the average person walks about two miles a day, so 14 miles really goes above and beyond. “Walking a long distance — especially if it’s outside — is not only great for your physical health, but your mental health as well,” she tells Bustle.

A 14-mile walk will take about six hours, she says, so it gives you a nice chunk of time away from screens, stress, and other distractions. “It will allow you to be quiet and meditate, or listen to music or an uplifting podcast while moving your body in an intentional, but low-impact way.”

Depending on how fast you go, and how many hills you encounter, a long-distance walk will totally count as cardio, too. “[It] is perfect for those who want to see some of the same benefits of running without the intensity,” she says, like improved endurance, as well as stronger legs.

While some creators set out on an intentional long-distance walk with a destination in mind, like Sara and Emily, others simply lace up their sneakers and go where their feet take them. Both approaches seem exciting in their own way, which further explains why this trend has taken off.

How To Walk 14 Miles

According to her videos, Sara will gear up for the day with comfortable shoes, water, snacks, and an Oura ring to track her steps, and then she’ll start a one-way trek. (She mentioned in her comments that she usually takes the bus back home.)

Curry says this sounds like a good plan, as preparation is everything, though she does recommend planning a route and being aware of your surroundings at all times. To stay comfortable, she says to check the weather and pack layers. To stay energized, she recommends eating a hearty meal before you leave and bringing snacks to fuel you along the way.

In her videos, you will often catch Sara swearing by Hokas, but any shoe that offers good support will do. “The last thing you want is to roll an ankle or end up with blisters when you’re eight miles from home,” says Curry. “If you’re on a flat, paved surface, you’ll want proper, worn-in, comfortable sneakers with support. If you’re doing a hike on an unpaved path with elevation, I recommend hiking boots with higher ankle support.”

Is Walking 10+ Miles Too Far?

A 13-mile walk is equivalent to a half marathon, so even though you aren’t jogging or running, it’s still a hefty distance to travel, and according to Curry, it can put a lot of wear and tear on your body. In Emily’s video, her 10-mile walk added up to over 23,000 steps, while Sara’s 16-mile walk likely reached closer to a whopping 36,000 steps.

“It’s important to start small and train your way up to that amount of miles,” says Curry. “If you’ve never walked a long distance before, don’t start with 14 miles. Start with a 5k, or 3.1 miles, and then add a mile the next time.”

Knowing your body’s limitations is also important to prevent pain in your knees, hips, or feet, she adds. “I would recommend only doing that long of a walk once a week so that your body has enough time to recover.”

You can also break it up into mini walks throughout the day, if that’s less intimidating, or stop along the way to see the sights, visit friends, or grab a coffee. As long as you work up to it slowly, and bring all the right gear, you might just become the next biggest fan of long-distance walking.


Alayna Curry, NASM-certified women’s fitness specialist, AFAA-certified fitness instructor, licensed Zumba instructor