20 Brilliant Gift Ideas For A New Partner

All cost less than $50.

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Brilliant holiday gift ideas for a new partner.
Holiday Togetherness Issue
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The time for holiday shopping is nigh. Making your list and checking it twice is stressful enough, especially when you have your family and friends to buy presents for... but few tasks are as challenging as figuring out what gift to buy for a new partner.

Making things official with that hottie you met on Hinge is super exciting. When you DTR right before the holidays, however, you’re faced with the awkward scenario of gift-giving. There are countless nuances to consider. For some examples: What if you go all out with something special and they get you something small, like a keychain or coffee mug? Do you go with something cheesy and heartfelt or more practical? How much should you spend on a new boo? What if they don’t get you anything at all and you show up with the coolest thing you found on Etsy? All are valid questions.

First, of course, it helps to think about the things you know your S.O. is interested in. From there, we’ve got your back — scroll ahead for 20 great holiday gift ideas for a new partner, all of which will cost you less than $50. You’re welcome.


A Cozy Throw Blanket

Everyone can appreciate something that keeps them warm in the winter months, so this cozy blanket is a surefire win. It’s made with thick and soft faux fur on top and lined with smooth fleece on the bottom, and comes in four sizes — perfect for snuggling up with your new boo.


A Chic Passport Holder

In the post-lockdown era, people are absolutely itching to travel. If you know that your new partner loves jet-setting around the world, this synthetic leather passport holder and wallet combo is both thoughtful and practical. It’s water-resistant and has room for a passport, vaccine card, cash, and multiple cards.


A Hosting Set

This gift benefits both you and your partner if you love hosting together or having date nights at home. The bamboo board has a hidden drawer attached with several serving and cutting utensils, and also comes with a round fruit tray for additional plating. Charcuterie stans will love it.


An Ode To Your Song

It’s never too early to establish “your song” with your partner, and this gift is a great way to commemorate the tune that holds a special meaning between you two. The acrylic frame is customizable with your choice of photo and song, and it even includes a scannable code for Spotify that will play the song when you scan it with your phone camera.


A Succulent Kit

Anyone with a green thumb knows that more is more when it comes to houseplants. Add to their collection with this cactus and succulent kit that allows you to sprout your own plants from scratch — planters included.


A High-Tech Wine Essential

Does your partner love a good glass of Bordeaux? If so, this electric wine opener will be right on the nose. It comes with a separate wine chiller, and the opener itself has a foil cutter feature that gets the job done, all in one convenient contraption.


A Steamer Basket

This one’s for the dim sum lovers: Snag this two-tier steamer basket — which comes with 50 liners, two chopstick sets, and a sauce dish — for dumpling dates at home.


A Set Of Shower Steamers

Self-care gifts are always appreciated. These shower steamers will save your partner a trip to the spa, and infuse their bathroom with the mood-boosting powers of essential oils for a more enjoyable rinse sesh.


A Silk Robe

Give the gift of luxury to your S.O. with this silky-soft robe, which is perfect for lounging around in style. It comes in 29 color and pattern options and six sizes, so you can find the right look and fit for them.


An Intoxicating Candle

Your boo would surely appreciate a chic candle that infuses their home with an intoxicating scent. Boy Smells’ Polyamberous fragrance is warm and spicy, and features notes of cardamom, pistachio, and tonka bean.


A Cocktail Smoker

Bring the fun of a bougie cocktail bar right to your partner’s kitchen with this DIY cocktail smoker kit. It comes with a portable smoker, wood chips, replacement parts, and a cleaning brush, and is easy to use on both drinks and food with the injection hose attachment.


A Custom Star Map

If your new partner is into astrology (or even astronomy), they’ll love this personalized star map, which takes the coordinates, date, and text of your choosing — and features the exact constellation you saw on that given time and place. You can choose the night sky from your first date, first kiss, or even your first holiday together.


A Sentimental Mug

Give your long-distance partner a present that symbolizes your state-crossing love for each other. This customizable ceramic mug is precious and can be personalized with both of your respective states, and whatever text or quote you would like on the other side.


A Card Game

A partner with a quality time love language would absolutely love this gift, and you can both enjoy all of the creative date ideas it’ll give you. The 35-card deck includes ideas like “Go on a food crawl: one place for appetizers, one for entrees, and one for dessert,” so you’ll never run out of fun things to do.


A Beard Grooming Kit

Your scruffy S.O. will definitely appreciate how useful and extensive this kit is. It comes with a nourishing beard oil, comb, and scissors so their facial hair stays on point.


A Nameplate Bracelet

This dainty gold-plated bracelet can still make a big statement with its customizable stamped name bar. Choose from silver, gold-plated, or rose gold-plated to suit your S.O.’s style.


A TikTok-Famous Tumbler

If you’ve logged on to TikTok lately, there’s no doubt that you have seen the viral Stanley cups. The Adventure Quencher holds 40 ounces, keeps drinks cold for days at a time, and comes in a variety of different colors. Your partner will never thirst again.


A Pair Of Headphones

No need to drop hundreds on a nice, quality gift for your music-loving partner — these headphones have more than 67,000 positive reviews and come at a super reasonable price.


A Mug Warmer

Working from home has basically become a personality trait. Help your S.O. stay caffeinated without having to step foot in Starbucks with this adorable and useful mug warmer, which features an adjustable temperature range and a four-hour timer for automatic shutoff.


The Lego Bouquet

Nerds, unite: For a beautiful bouquet that lasts literally forever — and is so fun to put together — this LEGO flower bouquet makes for an eye-popping present.

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