How To Pair Crystals & Essential Oils To Enhance Your Energy

stacked crystals with oil bottles in fairy garden

If you're anything like me, then you love a good metaphysical and natural healing tool — meaning both crystals and bottles of gorgeous smelling essential oils line all of my shelves. While both of these new age healing modalities are fun to explore on their own, if you know how to use crystals with essential oils, you can actually get even more out of your practice.

"Crystals and essential oils, like yoga and meditation, are tools to help us feel our best," explains crystal expert Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and author of CRYSTAL365, who spoke with Bustle about using these two tools synergistically. "And in the same way that other healing practices pair well together, crystals and essential oils work together to enhance the energy you seek to create."

So what do crystals and essential oils have in common? Well, they're both made from earth's natural resources and often used for healing purposes — crystals are, of course, naturally-occurring minerals found all over the globe, while essential oils are distilled directly from plants, trees, and flowers. Using essential oils for healing is wildly popular, as these potent plant essences are touted for their physical and emotional benefits, and used in various forms for different types of ailments (they can be applied topically, diffused in water, and sometimes even ingested). Similarly, crystals are revered for their purported healing benefits (and, yes, probably also because they're pretty to look at), and cultures around the globe have used crystals for healing for thousands of years.

That said, it's no surprise that these two healing modalities come together and blend their energies beautifully. "I’ve been playing around with crystal and oil pairings for years, and have found that when the oil and crystal have a similar energy, they amplify each other’s ability to guide you toward the state you want to reach," explains Askinosie, whose crystal brand Energy Muse recently launched a bath and body line that includes thoughtfully-paired crystal and oil blends. "For example, if your goal is to get relaxed, there is no better way to do so than by combining the energies of relaxing crystals and oils."

Choosing the right crystal and oil pairing is important, too. Bustle also spoke with Nura Rachelle, astrologer and crystal expert for metaphysical crystal shop Thee Ancients, who suggests that beginners use one of the many varieties of versatile quartz crystals in their explorations. "You can use quartz with essential oils to expand the energy of any other crystal or intention you're calling in," she explains. If you're just getting started on your crystal healing journey, use quartz crystals to start with, and try your hand at some of the suggestions below.

The two healing tools can work beautifully in symbiosis. Here are a few ways to use crystals and essential oils together in your spiritual practice to make the most of their healing properties:

Relieve Stress & Relax


Crystal/oil combo: Pair an amethyst crystal with lavender or chamomile oil.

"Amethyst is a peaceful and relaxing crystal," Askinosie explains to Bustle. "When paired with calming essential oils like lavender and chamomile, its healing properties are amplified and your relaxation session will be even more powerful." Do a relaxing crystal meditation using an amethyst while diffusing lavender or chamomile oil for aromatherapy, or get yourself an crystal-infused calming body oil for a soothing self-massage.

Boost Your Confidence

Crystal/oil combo: Pair a rose quartz crystal with bergamot essential oil.

We could all use the occasional self-love boost from time to time, and a lil' crystal and oil combo healing can definitely help. "Use [quartz] with bergamot to expand the energy of confidence and self-acceptance," Rachelle shares with Bustle. Rose quartz is the ideal crystal for developing gentleness, love, and compassion toward yourself, and paired the bright, positive, citrus-y scent of bergamot will provide you with an instant confidence boost. Anoint your rose quartz with bergamot and keep it in your purse or pocket.

Manifest Abundance & Money


Crystal/oil combo: Pair a pyrite crystal with cardamom, cinnamon, or clove essential oils.

Glittering golden pyrite (a stone of major abundance vibes) pairs perfectly with the hot and spicy energy of these zesty warming oils. "While Pyrite helps you attract money and wealth, these essential oils ignite your finances and set you on a path to success," Askinosie tells Bustle. Use this fiery combination in conjunction with an abundance-boosting candle ritual, or bring this abundant energy into your work space by setting a chunk of pyrite on your desk and diffusing cardamom, cinnamon, or clove oil while you work.

Attract All The Positive Vibes

Crystal/oil combo: Pair a citrine crystal with grapefruit, blood orange, or lemon essential oil.

Yellow as the sun, citrine is a mood-boosting crystal, and paired with the energetic citrus of grapefruit, lemon, and orange oils, it'll help attract major posi vibes. "As a stone of happiness and light, Citrine’s high vibe energy is complemented by citrus essential oils, which are equally as energizing and positivity-boosting," explains Askinosie. Use an uplifting citrine-infused body oil in place of perfume on days when you could use an extra dose of spiritual sunshine.

Banish The Negative Energy


Crystal/oil combo: Pair a black tourmaline crystal with sage or frankincense essential oils.

Energetic protection? Yes, please. By pairing a negativity-transmuting powerhouse stone like black tourmaline with a highly spiritual and cleansing oil, you've got yourself an energetic house cleaning kit. "Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy to protect your energy," Askinosie explains, suggesting this powerful combination. "When combined with clearing essential oils like sage and frankincense, the protective energy is amplified. This combination prevents and clears away bad vibes." Use a crystal-infused protection oil to anoint yourself on days when vibes feel off, and if you're doing protection rituals on your own, remember to cleanse your crystals before working with them, especially those that suck up negativity!

Connect With Your Higher Self

Crystal/oil combo: Pair a clear quartz crystal with clary sage essential oil.

Clear quartz is the ultimate stone for amplifying whatever energy you're working with, and it can be super helpful if you're trying to connect with your inner wisdom, spirituality, and the divine feminine. "Use [quartz] with clary sage to expand the energy of third eyesight, wisdom, and alignment of your monthly cycles," Rachelle suggests. Try placing a single drop of clary sage oil on your forehead, between your eyes (but not in your eyes!), then doing a third eye meditation with a quartz crystal in hand.

Get Yourself Grounded


Crystal/oil combo: Pair a hematite crystal with sandalwood, cedarwood, or palo santo essential oils.

Sometimes we need to get out of our heads and root ourselves in the world around us — and this powerful crystal and oil combo can help bring you down to earth. "The Earth-based energy of essential oils complements the heavy, weighted energy that Hematite carries," explains Askinosie. "This combination roots you into the Earth on all levels of your being." Bring your hematite crystal and a bottle of your favorite woodsy oil on a nature walk with you to help ground you in nature's healing energy, holding the crystal in your palm and smelling the oils via deep inhales for aromatherapy benefits as you stroll and meditate.

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