Here's Exactly How OnlyFans Works For Users

It’s easier to subscribe than you might think.

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How to use OnlyFans, including how to sign up and follow users.
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In 2020, OnlyFans became a widely discussed, lucrative platform on which to make money from home. It’s a place where you can share your own content or subscribe as a “fan” to gain access to what others have posted. But if you’re new to the site and still confused about the process, let’s talk more about how OnlyFans works for users.

For starters, it’s good to know what the site offers. Not everything on OnlyFans is X-rated, though that makes it stand out from other platforms like Instagram. You can easily find creators who are posting recipe ideas, just as easily as you can find creators posing in lingerie. There are even celebrities like Cardi B posting content and sharing glimpses into their lives. OnlyFans has a little somethin’ for everyone.

While it’s a helpful way to engage with fans, make extra money — or keep a career afloat during the pandemic — you don’t have to be a creator to sign up for OnlyFans. Make an account the same way you would on any other social media site, and start perusing. There are OnlyFans accounts you can follow for free. But if you want to see exclusive content, that’s when you’ll want to subscribe.

Why Subscribe On OnlyFans?

The site allows creators to upload their content behind a paywall, which fans can access for a monthly fee and one-off tips. Subscribing also allows you to DM them — if that’s something you’d like to do. DMing is a great way to interact with a creator, show your support, and maybe even request unique content. For example, some coaches and tutors use DMs to give personalized advice, according to OnlyFans, in return for payments in tips.

How To Subscribe To OnlyFans Profiles

Once you find a profile that piques your interest, go ahead and click “follow.” You’ll receive a prompt to enter your credit card information. If the account is free, you won’t be charged. But if the creator has a paywall, your card will be charged, and you’ll gain instant access to all of their content.

According to OnlyFans, subscription periods last for 30 days from the date of purchase and cost anywhere from $4.99 to $49.99. Monthly subscriptions are set to auto-renew by default, so you’ll be charged again after those 30 days unless you go in and turn off the auto-renew if you don’t want to keep subscribing.

Some creators also offer free trials, which means you get a month for, well, free. According to the site, you will not be automatically billed when the free trial expires but instead will have to follow the creator and manually switch your subscription to auto-renew.

How To Tip On OnlyFans

If you want to tip a creator, go right ahead and send them any amount that seems reasonable. Again, this is a way to show appreciation and to repay them for their help and services, like in the tutoring example above.

That said, the maximum single tip amount you can send is $100 for new users and $200 for users who have been on the platform for more than four months. You also can’t spend more than $500 per day on the platform when you first join. However, if you’re in “good standing” for a long time, the limit is increased.

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