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17 OnlyFans Accounts That Have Nothing To Do With Nudity

From career tips to fitness plans. Okurrr?

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Cardi B's OnlyFans account is totally safe for work.
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Like tie-dye sweatsuits and baking banana bread, subscription-based content service OnlyFans had a major moment in 2020. The platform earned a reputation for its raunchy vids, and many sex workers began using it when traditional methods of earning income weren’t viable due to the pandemic. Last week however, the site announced their plan to ban all porn but quickly reversed course. The whole episode probably left you wondering, “Wait are there even OnlyFans accounts that aren’t porn?”

According to a representative from the site, yes.

"Since our launch, OnlyFans has operated as an inclusive and diverse platform for all types of influencers and content creators," the representative tells Bustle. "OnlyFans has grown significantly, and thus the diversity of creators on the platform continues to expand."

The rep continues that many creators use OnlyFans as a lucrative extension of their existing social media accounts. Since the site allows fans to directly chat with performers, it encourages creators to foster personal relationships and build deeper connections with their fans. And because of the site's lack of content restrictions, creators are able to post content that wouldn't be allowed on other social media sites.

"Musicians will post exclusive performances, fitness influencers share their workout routines, advice, and comedians and podcasters are using the platform to showcase their premium content to their core fanbase," the representative says.

From DJ sets to cooking lessons to Cardi B showing off her latest manicure, these 17 OnlyFans profiles are totally safe for work, and will live on past the porn ban’s implementation in early October.


Cardi B

The “WAP” queen herself Cardi B has taken to OnlyFans to share behind-the-scenes footage of photoshoots and exclusive pictures and videos from her daily life. Fans can message with her directly and see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the “WAP music video.


Jane Kim Fitness

Coach Jane of Jane Kim Fitness is an Australian powerlifter, personal trainer, and lifestyle coach. Her OnlyFans is full of workouts, fitness inspiration, and behind-the-scenes looks at life as a personal trainer.


Melissa Keklak

Music manager and PR strategist Melissa Keklak uses OnlyFans to help upcoming producers, independent artists, and managers navigate the music industry. She provides exclusive videos about career advice, consultations, and gives inside tips and tricks.



Emmy-nominated artist, producer, and musician nevrmind uses OnlyFans to show sneak peeks of recording in the studio, post live streams, and do merch giveaways.


Shea Couleé

Drag queen, musician, and winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 5, Shea Couleé's OnlyFans is full of fashion, makeup, and exclusive collabs with other Drag Race contestants.


Lily Mercer

Lily Mercer is a British DJ, music consultant, and Viper Magazine founder, a print publication dedicated to fashion and hip hop. She uses OnlyFans to give tips and advice about the music industry and to talk to fans about her career in music and how to start a publication.


Sonja Morgan

Real Housewives Of New York's Sonja Morgan has an OnlyFans full of fashion, travel, and never-before-seen silly clips of her life.



Chef Joseph Saady of Grandmasterchefjojo aims to bring people together with his food. His OnlyFans account is full of cooking lessons, meal planning tips, and snaps of his mouth-watering meals.


Stephen Voyce

Montreal-based musician and actor Stephen Voyce uses OnlyFans to share exclusive music and beats and release new music videos.


Tom Tippin

Singer-songwriter and self-proclaimed "fitness freak" Tom Tippin uses OnlyFans to share new music, fitness inspiration, and behind-the-scenes pictures from the studio.


Georgia Hirst

British actress Georgia Hirst uses OnlyFans to show never before seen content from her show Vikings, pictures from her travels, and livestreams, where she chats directly with her fans.


Chameleon Kandy

Makeup artist Chameleon Kandy is all about transformation. Her OnlyFans is all about makeup tips and tricks, creative tutorials, and live get-ready-with-me's, where she shows off her day-to-day makeup looks.


Ben Bakson

German DJ and producer Ben Bakson uses OnlyFans as a personal VIP Club, where fans can listen to exclusive DJ sets and preview episodes of his podcast before they're officially released.


Ria Parker

Cosplayer Ria Parker is all about embracing fantasy. Her OnlyFans account is all about 3D printing, costume and armor tutorials, and chatting about video games.


Natalie Hanby

Comedian and practical joker Natalie Hanby is part of the British prank video influencer group, The Hanby Family. Her OnlyFans is full of extra pranks and behind the scenes scenes of her family's YouTube channel.


Chiclet & Maleni

Dynamic duo Chicklet HF and Maleni Cruz, known on OnlyFans as Chiclet & Maleni, want to bring laughter to OnlyFans. Their page is full of pranks, silly videos, and comedy sketches.


Emma Walsh

Presenter, YouTuber, and car enthusiast Emma Walsh uses OnlyFans to show people behind the scenes of her car photoshoots, to talk to fans about specific cars, and to do private and personalized car content.

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