7 Ways To Use Color Psychology In Your Relationship

“Losing him was blue, like I'd never known. Missing him was dark gray, all alone.” - Taylor Swift, color psychologist.

by Kristine Fellizar
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You may not realize it, but color can have a way of influencing your mood and choices. In fact, many big brands use color psychology in their branding and marketing to influence consumers. For instance, the color red is commonly associated with passion, excitement, and urgency, so retailers tend to use the color to signal sales. According to experts, you can apply psychology to things that matter to you. If you're looking to attract someone or keep your relationship interesting, there are colors for that.

"Color psychology deals with the emotional and mental response that people have in the presence of color," Joseph Rosenfeld, fashion and personal style strategist, tells Bustle. "Color is an immediate form of non-verbal communication. As wearers of clothing and accessories, people use color to telegraph messages of love and attraction all the time."

Sometimes these decisions are based on instinct. Other times, we put more thought into our color selections. If you want to use color psychology to your advantage in your love life, certain colors can help to set the mood.

"Using specific colors in a room (perhaps a bedroom) through lighting, curtains, wall color, and other decor can heighten the colors’ vibrational energy in the room," color analysis expert Carol Brailey, tells Bustle. "This dynamic can lead to a visual response." Basically, our eyes see the color and our brain converts what we see into a chemical reaction, which may produce the positive feelings associated with love, sex, and attraction.

Here are ways you can use color psychology in your relationship, according to experts.


Blue Can Be Used To Open Up Communication

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You may not initially think of blue as being a color of attraction, but it's great for relationships. As Linda Lauren, psychic medium and color and energy expert, tells Bustle, "Blue represents communication and opens us open to explore all possibilities." In addition to that, the color blue is also symbolic of depth, trust and loyalty. Being surrounded by blue can promote open and honest communication.


Green Can Be Used For Processing And Healing

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Green is known for being the color of envy. But it can also help you process your feelings about your partner or relationship. "Wearing green or having a green bedroom may be just what you need to heal the past so you can look to the future," Lauren says. According to Rosenfeld, green can also evoke feelings of calm.


Purple Can Be Calming

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When purple is evident in you or your environment, Lauren says it will give you a sense of calm and loyalty. It's a great color to have in your bedroom, especially if you want to connect with your partner right before you go to sleep. That feeling of peace can make having intimate conversations a lot easier. If you're doing a meditation practice or working to manifest love, Lauren says purple is also a great color for managing your spiritual feelings.


Cream And Tan Can Help You And Your Partner Get A Fresh Start

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"Color can be used to prime yourself or someone else," Allison Hamilton-Rohe, color psychology expert and personal style coach at, tells Bustle. If you've recently been through difficult times, cream can indicate that you want a fresh start and tan is approachable and friendly. "Use these colors with the intention to signal both yourself and your partner," she says. "Color cannot work on its own. You have to take the corresponding actions to work with the signals you send."


Pink And Magenta Can Bring More Tenderness And Affection Into Your Relationship

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As Brailey says, thinking of a specific color can generate "feeling-thoughts." For instance, pink is related to softness, tenderness, and gentleness. "If you begin thinking of the color pink, you may start feeling these things which can build momentum and cause you to move," she says. Pink can help to put you and your partner in a loving mood so you can give your partner those sweet and affectionate touches and gestures. According to Ashley Banbury, color expert and Senior Designer of HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams, soft pink can also promote balance.


Orange And Yellow Environments Can Spark Great Date Conversations

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For the night out, try to choose a location with vibrant and warm shades like orange and yellow. According to Banbury, these colors are lively and will spark some great memorable conversations. Sue Kim, color expert and Senior Color Designer at Valspar Paint, tells Bustle that orange will also evoke a sense of playfulness. It's a great color that can help to make your personality shine.


Red Can Bring Out The Sexier Side Of Your Relationship

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It's no secret that the color red is associated with passion, desire, and attraction. According to Brailey, red also represents confidence, vitality, excitement and energy. So if you're looking to bring all of that into your relationship, having red around you can do the trick.

It's important to keep in mind that color psychology isn't an exact science. As Brailey says, "If in someone’s emotional history a color was not associated with positive feelings, then it's possible this may work to someone’s disadvantage." In other words, it's not a one-size-fits-all thing. Also remember, it's not just about the color. Certain colors can help put you in the mood for things, but you'll still need to do your part. Regardless, color psychology is still pretty fascinating and there's no harm in testing it out.