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21 New Year's Eve Ideas For A Long-Distance Relationship

Stay festive from afar.

A woman in a long-distance relationship sending a kiss over a call on new year's eve
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During the holidays, being away from your beloved isn't easy. Yet, these New Year's Eve ideas for a long-distance relationship will help you stay festive and flirty from far away. Whether you make the same meal in different kitchens or host a Zoom club night, there are tons of ways to get creative with your remote New Year's celebration.

Though you and your boo may live in different states all the time, coronavirus can make even non-long-distance relationships feel long-distance. Perhaps your date is spending their Dec. 31 in quarantine after seeing family, or maybe you're staying off public transit and can't go see them. Whatever the case, jumping on the phone or having a video chat date can make you both feel connected and excited for the new year.

Here are 21 ways to celebrate 2021 with your long-distance boo.

Cook A Fancy Meal Together

Pick a gourmet meal you're both dying to try, (or something you know you both like) and FaceTime as you chef it up together.

Have *Good* Phone Sex

Make your bed, clean your room, light a candle, and set up space for you and your boo to get intimate. Find what feels best for your and your boo — touching yourselves on video chat? Swapping nudes? Talking on the phone? Sexting? Creating a Google Doc where you co-write an erotic short story? The options are endless.

Create A Custom Cocktail

Or mocktail! Pick your favorite flavors and juices and create a special drink that's just for you.

Get Witchy With Tarot & Natal Charts

Hire an astrologer to read your birth charts or read tarot cards together. Light sage, drink tea, listen to Stevie Nicks, and put some good vibes into 2021.

Snuggle Up For A Netflix Party

Watching a movie or TV show together can make you feel closer even when you're far apart. Extra points for coordinating the same snacks.

DIY Together

Pick up a tie-dye kit and make hoodies together or create a little craft for the house.

Dance The Night Away To A Collaborative Playlist

Who needs $200 covers, waiting in lines, and overpriced drinks anyway? Have your own club night and get your boogie on videochat. Create a joint playlist before with all your favorite tunes.

Host A Distance Double-Date

Host a video chat double date and spend some time eating and drinking yummy things together. The more the merrier.

Pick Each Other's Outfits For A FaceTime Fashion Show (& Striptease)

FaceTime as you're getting ready and help pick each other's outfits. When you're getting to get it on, watch it other take them off.

Plan Your Next Year

Brainstorm about when you're going to see each other IRL and all the fun things you want to get up to. Trips? Museums? Dinners with friends? Reunions are the new resolutions.

Make 2021 Vision Boards

Whip out the poster board and glue sticks and make a fun ~mood board~ collage on video chat. If you're not into crafting, pour yourself a drink and set goals for yourself and your relationship together.

Spa Night

Self-care never goes out of style. Pamper yourselves to facemasks and footbaths and host your own DIY spa night together.

Wear Matching PJs For A Cozy Night In

Matching pajamas are the intersection of cute and cozy. Make hot cocoa and sweet treats on video chat and enjoy a wholesome New Year's.

Get Their Roommates/Family In On It

If your boo lives with friends or family, do some secret action spy work and get their roommate's in on the party. Maybe they can decorate your date's room or procure their favorite snacks. If your boo lives alone, get some good takeout or treats delivered to their place.

Host Your Own Great British Bake Off

Nothing says "New Year's!" like a niche European desert. Duel your date to a bake off re-creating things from the show, like Baumkuchen, Egg Liqueur Gugelhupf, or Prinsesstårta.

Try A Virtual Escape Room

For true crime lovers only! Try a virtual escape room or remote murder mystery party with your date to make your New Year thrilling.

Go On A Pretend Vacation

Do you wish you were in Bali? Or maybe Athens? Pick a place to be and host a pretend vacation for two. Dress up like you're there, enjoy regional food and drinks, and watch a movie or listen to music from the area.

Host An Open-Mic For Two

Share from your favorite poems or from books you've been reading lately. Light candles, drink black coffee (or whatever drink you want), and pretend you're at a hipster cafe.

Light Off Sparklers (Or Glow Sticks)

If you and your boo have a big yard or lots of outdoor space, you may be able to light off mini fireworks or sparklers on video chat to bring a festive flair. If you don't have outdoor space, glow sticks and other glow in decorations can add some electricity to a Zoom date.

Sending Smooching Selfies

While you can't literally kiss when the ball drops, you can Soulja Boy style, kiss through the phone. Send selfies of you giving your boo a kiss or decide to video chat right at midnight to "kiss" (make a kissy face at each other) at the same time.

Call It A Night Early & Make A Bomb Brunch

Of course, if you and your date are more early lovebirds than night owls, decide to hit the hay before the clock strikes 12. Make a fun breakfast together in the morning and have coffee over Zoom.