The Best 10-Minute Ab Workouts From Pamela Reif

She has 8 million subscribers for a reason.

If you’re in the mood to do a quick but effective core-strengthening session, look no further than Pamela Reif’s ab workouts on Youtube. They’re short and simple, but they really do the trick.

It’s part of the reason why Pamela Reif’s channel, which has over 8 million subscribers, is so mega-popular. While the 25-year-old German influencer isn’t a certified personal trainer, she’s found a way to create workout videos that bring the burn and make you feel accomplished, all in the space of 10 minutes (though she has some that are slightly longer, too). Besides her ab workout playlist, Reif also offers cardio and HIIT routines, upper body training, and even dance workouts, so you can easily add some variety to your fitness regimen.

In her videos, Reif — who calls herself “your online training buddy” — talks about the benefit of doing workouts “with” someone else. And she has a point. Ab workouts can be grueling, so why go through the motions all on your own? Instead of performing endless crunches by your lonesome, doing them alongside Reif brings that extra boost of motivation.

As an added perk, her videos also happen to be aesthetically pleasing. They always take place in a grand hall or a minimalist, light-filled room. And instead of talking, she plays fun music and includes a handy countdown timer, so you know just how much longer you have to hold that plank. Sold? Here are 7 of the best Pamela Reif ab workouts on YouTube so you can give them a try.

No Equipment Abs

This 10-minute ab workout is a fan favorite, with nearly 70 million views. Reif starts things off with classic crunches, bicycles, and toe reaches before building up to more complicated moves, like jackknife and “starfish” combos. Each exercise lasts 30 seconds, so it feels tough but doable. And if you don’t have any weights or exercise bands on hand, no worries — this one doesn’t require any equipment.

The Core-Burning Challenge

Over the course of this extra-challenging 10-minute session, you’ll do pelvic tilts, lower leg lifts, and other ab-quaking moves meant to target every region of your core. If you feel your energy fading, glance over at the countdown timer to see how many seconds you have left in the workout and try to push through.

Beginner Abs

If you’re in the mood for something a little easier, go for this 10-minute beginner ab routine that’s racked up over 55 million views. It’s made up of simpler moves — think side crunches and super slow mountain climbers. Reif also includes 10-second mini breaks so you have time to catch your breath.

Standing Abs

Tired of lying on the ground? Then go for Reif’s standing ab workout. It’s a series of 30-second standing exercises like slides, ab twists, and squats with a cross-body crunch. She also mixes in some HIIT to get your heart rate up, so get ready to do high knees and plank jumps, too.

Lower Abs

In this video, Reif demonstrates how to do exercises that hit the lower abs, a notoriously difficult part of the core to activate. Move through a series of butterfly crunches and leg lifts, and you’ll definitely feel the burn by the end.

Neck & Back-Friendly Core

Crunches and other ab moves can place a lot of strain on your neck and back, so Reif designed a workout that doesn’t pull as much on these areas. Think along the lines of gentle roll-ins with your head resting on the ground, toe-reach crunches, and lower ab lifts. If anything hurts, just stop and adjust or wait for the next move.

Elevated Abs

Take your ab workout to the next level (literally) with this session, which involves using a chair or elevated surface to add an extra challenge to staple core exercises. You’ll do moves like cross-body planks, side plank variations, and Russian twists using that elevation for a major sweat.