14 Pickleball Outfits That'll Serve Fashion On The Court

This is your chance to wear a visor and pleated tennis skort.

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Cute pickleball outfits to wear on and off the court.
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Pickleball has quickly become the game of choice for anyone who wants to get some exercise, hang with friends, join a community — or all of the above. It also offers the perfect excuse to don a visor and pleated tennis skort.

“Pickleball fashion is definitely one of my favorite aspects of the sport,” says Lydia Hirt, a self-proclaimed pickleball influencer. She says her overall pickleball style vibe is “bright, cheeky, and unexpected,” which is why she recently collaborated with lifestyle brand Ping Pong Surf Club to create Le Pickle, a collection of cute and colorful merch for fellow pickleball lovers.

To up the cute factor on the court, Hirt likes to plan matching outfits with her sister, especially since it’s always a conversation starter. “I personally love to go out and grab a bite or a drink after playing, and love to wear cute outfits that translate to a neighborhood restaurant or bar,” she tells Bustle. Call it #Pickleballcore.

That said, while you’ve got plenty of options for your pickleball outfits, you certainly don’t have to dress up in anything special to get your serve on. “Pickleball is a very welcoming community and I play with people who wear leggings, sweatpants, shorts — anything goes,” Hirt says. Read on below for a few fun pickleball outfit ideas if you’re looking to make a fashion statement when you play.

1. A Cute Skirt

Hirt recommends the brand JGame for all your on-the-court needs. The Southampton tennis skirt features built-in compression shorts to keep you comfy as you play, while the little ruffle will look cute if you find yourself at brunch immediately after the game.

2. A Sporty Top

Whether you play indoors or out, you can keep yourself cool and breezy in this super-soft sleeveless crop top. The loose design will move with you as you serve, volley, or chase after a ball that’s getting away.

3. A Crop Top

For a more fitted option, try this ribbed crop with a racerback meant for activities like a casual game of pickleball. It’s made of moisture-wicking fabric so you stay feelin’ comfortable.

4. A Visor

If there’s one occasion that calls for a visor, it’s pickleball. There’s just something about the semi-hat that makes you want to get outside and be sporty. This one has an adjustable webbing closure and a built-in sweatband that will help keep you in the game.

5. A Pleated Skort

This tennis skort has built-in shorts made of breathable, quick-dry material and a pocket to store your pickleball before a serve. The high waistband is designed to stay put, aka it won’t roll down as you play. As a bonus, there’s a back zipper pocket so you can stash your keys and cards.

6. A Chic Bodysuit

Turn heads as you serve in a cool bodysuit. I guarantee you’ll receive tons of compliments when you slay a game in this pretty blue one-piece with a perfectly placed cut-out.

7. A Tennis Dress

To really go all out, hit the court in a tennis dress. This one hits all the right notes with its zipper collar, pleating, and flouncy skirt, plus two pockets to hold your phone or ball.

8. Pickleball Shoes

Hirt is a big fan of Acacia pickleball shoes. “They are a family-owned business based in SoCal, and create bright-colored, comfortable, and durable pickleball shoes,” she says. The CORRINE, in particular, is labeled as Official USA Pickleball Footwear — and they happen to be really cute.

9. A Pair Of Colorful Leggings

What would your pickleball workout be without a pair of leggings? These leggings are seamless, stretchy, and feature a high-rise and flat elastic waistband that makes them easy to pull on when you wake up late for a game. Because they’re so cute and colorful, they’ll take you from the court to a post-pickleball lunch with friends — and can be tossed in the washing machine when you get home.

10. A Pair Of Bike Shorts

If it’s warm outside and you’re not in the mood for a skort, rock a pair of sleek biker shorts. This pair from Full Court features a ball pocket so they’re functional and will easily match whatever else is in your pickleball ‘fit.

11. A Sports Bra

Snag yourself a printed tank bra like this one, which features a cropped length and U-back that’ll keep everything in place as you play. Even better, it has a UPF 50+ rating to protect you from the sun.

12. A Cropped Jacket

This gorgeously chic lavender jacket is cropped and stretchy, and can easily be thrown on over a sports bra or workout tank when you’re playing an outdoor game in chilly temps.

13. A Tenniscore Shirt

Look the part of a pickleball pro with a tenniscore two-piece top like this one that screams “I frequent my local country club to practice serves every single day.”

14. A Windbreaker

Throw on a pastel windbreaker as you commute to the court or to post-game drinks — and look really stylish doing so.

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