A Beginner's Guide To 10 Must-Know Pilates Exercises

Consider this your crash course on the workout modality.

Fitness pros share the 10 must-know Pilates exercises for beginners.
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Now that you can track Pilates on your Apple Watch, it’s prime time to try it for yourself. The fitness modality builds strength in your entire body, says instructor Ashley Patten, making it a great go-to workout. Ease your way in with these 10 Pilates exercises for beginners.


Pilates Breathing

Trainer Gia Calhoun says breathwork is key for getting the most out of all Pilates exercises.

- Sit comfortably with shoulders back. Lift out of hips.

- Inhale through nose, draw ribs in.

- Exhale through mouth, engage core.

- Start your workout with 10 breaths.