Valentine's Day

20 Valentine's Day DIY Gifts & Surprises You'll Want To Steal From TikTok

And you don’t even need to learn how to dance.

If you thought TikTok was just for viral dances and eerily accurate comedy skits about relationships, think again. Whether you're in need of a last-minute gift for your partner, a cute decoration, or a crafty project to make with friends, one or two of the countless Valentine's Day DIY hacks on TikTok might just do the trick.

While Pinterest is still a go-to for those in need of a hack, TikTok is catching right up with videos from crafters, DIY-ers, and thrifty savers who know how to repurpose things they already have lying around the house. And when it comes to Valentine's Day — which is swiftly approaching, btw — that's really good news.

These hacks from TikTok will spare you having to wait in line at the drugstore, heart-shaped card in hand, along with all the other late holiday shoppers. These gift ideas are also way more meaningful than the usual V-day box of chocolates could ever be, which is good news for your valentine.

Not to mention, since you'll likely be celebrating Valentine's Day at home this year — whether that means staying in with your partner, or Zooming a date from afar — 2021 pretty much demands you fill your apartments with tons of pretty decorations. If that sounds fun, read on below for 20 DIY hacks from TikTok, to make your Valentine's Day extra adorable.

Scratch-Off Gift Card

For a personalized gift, grab paper and paint and make this cute scratch-off card for your valentine. You can write anything you want on the voucher, whether it's something sweet — like a back rub — or something a little sexier.

Homemade Popper

All you need is a pair of scissors, some pretty paper, and bam, you'll have a fancy, festive popper.

Balloon Decoration

If you have a blank wall that's practically begging for Valentine's Day decor, why not cover it with balloons in the shape of a heart? It's super easy to do, and makes a great background for V-day Zoom calls.

Flowery Chocolate Box

Leave all those run-of-the-mill candy boxes at the drugstore and go for this homemade version — featuring affordable items from Target and Michael's — instead.

Heart-Shaped Money

When in doubt, money is always a good gift. But instead of stashing it in a card, get crafty and fold the bills into the shape of a rose.

Valentine's Day Backdrop

Make this pretty backdrop for your Galentine's Day celebration. It'll be perfect for cheesy photos or, again, Zoom calls.

Nerdy Cookie

If you possess cookie decorating skills — and have a nerdy partner who would appreciate eating a baby Yoda on Valentine's Day — then this TikTok is for you!

Ravioli Roses

One of the best parts of Valentine's Day is taking everyday things — like a bowl of pasta — and giving it a romantic twist. This hack shows you how to roll ravioli into (you guessed it) roses.

Gumball Machine

If you spotted the Valentine's Day gumball machine at Target and thought "I could make that" you were totally right. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to create your own using a plastic bowl and a bucket.

Heart PomPoms

These heart-shaped pompoms would look really cute strung across a wall or by your window.


Another Target remake, this corn husk wreath is way easier to throw together than you might think. It requires gathering interesting items (like, um, corn husks) but once you finish, it'll be the cutest door decoration you ever did see.

Holiday Centerpiece

Planning a dinner for two? Then run out to the dollar store for a few items, like plastic flowers and candies, and before you know it you'll have this sweet little centerpiece for the table.

Candy Bags

If you'd like to dole out candy to everyone you know and love — your friends, your parents, and even your neighbors — do so using these crafty treat bags. It'll make the gift even more special.

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are everywhere right now, so why not make one that's Valentine's Day themed? This one is positively covered in chocolate hearts, just as it should be.

Photo Box

To make a truly unique gift, follow this hack for a homemade photo box you can fill with cute snapshots of you and your partner.

Rosey Gift

Nothing says "I love you" quite like hot glueing chocolate bars together. No, really.

Mini Cakes

These "cakelets" would be so fun to make with your partner, a friend, or all by yourself on Valentine's Day. (Imagine not having to share!)

Love Bomb

Is your partner the bomb? Then follow this video for a chocolatey gift that looks like sticks of dynamite.

Wooden Valentine

For a really pretty keepsake, make a Valentine's Day "card" out of wood.

Heart-y Decorations

Another decoration hack, this TikTok explains how to make pretty yard-covered hearts that would look perfect hanging along a mantel. Because if you do nothing else this Valentine's Day, at the very least surround yourself with hearts.