10 Ways To Turn A Walk Into A HIIT Session

No running required.

Walking HIIT workouts that'll spice up your time on the tread.
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Did you know you can easily turn a walk into a HIIT session? All you have to do is take your speed or incline up a notch, says coach Eric Cohen.

Walking HIIT workouts boost cardio and build muscle, all while being low-impact. Here’s how to get started.

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Cohen says you can do this routine outside or on a treadmill.

- Slow walk, 4 mins.

- Pump arms, walk moderate pace, 2 mins.

- Slow walk, 1 min.

- Pump arms, moderate pace, 2 mins.

- All-out power walk, 1 min.

- Slow walk, 1 min.

- Repeat 2x.