9 Yoga Classes To Stream On YouTube For An Energy Boost

Flow through that fatigue.

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Try these yoga for energy videos on YouTube for a boost.

Yoga is relaxing, centering, and peaceful. But if you move through a flow that features certain poses or goes at a quicker speed, you might find that it can also boost your energy, clear your mind, and help you refocus — almost like a cup of coffee.

According to Kelly Clifton-Turner, ERYT-500, a yoga teacher and director of education for YogaSix, that’s because yoga raises your heart rate and increases blood flow to help wake up the body. “It is a great thing to do in the morning, or whenever you need a boost,” she tells Bustle. Think: in the middle of the day whenever you start to feel foggy at work or are tired and could use a second wind.

Popping onto your mat may even work as a replacement for all your go-to iced coffees. “Certain poses, like sun salutations, backbends, and twists, can help energize you and wake you up without any post-coffee jitters or come down,” says Clifton-Turner. Other poses that do the trick? Downward dog, chair pose, warrior 1 and 2, twisted lunge, and triangle, just to name a few.

Do postures like these while focusing on your breath, Clifton-Turner says, and you can actually trick your mind into feeling a controlled level of stress, which then increases adrenaline in your body to boost energy. In other words, if you do some yoga and take a few deep breaths, you should be more ready to take on the day.

Give it a try with these yoga for energy videos you can stream right on YouTube.


17-Minute Energy Practice

This video from the Internet-beloved Yoga With Adriene channel is designed to help you cultivate strength and stamina so you can “fulfill your destiny.” Or, you know, just make it through the work day.

You’ll start by grounding yourself with a child’s pose before moving on to downward dogs, mountain poses, and lunges. Yoga teacher Adriene Mishler also encourages you to focus on your breath the whole time so that you feel refreshed and reenergized once the 17 minutes are up.


10-Minute Opening Flow

Here’s a quick flow from yoga teacher Erica Rascon that’s packed with heart-opening stretches to boost your energy. Rascon notes that this routine could be a good way to start your morning, or serves as a great go-to whenever you hit a mid-day slump. Pop it on whenever you’re falling asleep at your desk to move through invigorating postures like warrior I, side bends, and forward folds.


15-Minute Power Flow

This 15-minute power flow from SaraBethYoga starts with a relaxing child’s pose as yoga teacher SaraBeth encourages you to be present on the mat. (Remember, getting rid of stress really does help you feel more energized.) From there, you’ll do poses like downward-facing dog, chair pose, and warrior 2 set to upbeat music.


10-Minute Morning Stretch

If you’re feeling sleepy in the morning, try this 10-minute flow from Yoga With Bird to help you feel peppy for the day ahead. You’ll do moves that wake up your body and your mind, Bird says, like standing torso twists, high planks, cat-cows, and a deep gate pose variation that’s sure to knock out any lingering a.m. grogginess.


20-Minute Full-Body Flow

For a longer routine, roll out your mat and try this 20-minute flow for increased energy from Satvic Movement. The mix of full-body strengthening stretches — like goddess pose and side plank — as well as a round of heart-pumping jumping jacks will help set give you the boost you need.


30-Minute Pick-Me-Up

In this video, yoga teacher Jessica Richburg guides you through a 30-minute yoga flow designed to boost your mood and increase your energy. It includes a lot of basic moves as well as grounding stretches and fun, dynamic poses that test your balance. By the time the half-hour is up, you’ll be more awake, refreshed, and ready to tackle your to-do list.


10-Minute Stretches For Energy

You don’t need any gear to do this video from Yoga with Kassandra — just your tired self and a yoga mat. Instructor Kassandra Reinhardt says this routine is perfect for the morning to relieve aches and pains from sleep, but you can do it any time you need to reset. You’ll do pigeon pose, ab twists, downward dog, a wide-legged forward fold, and a child’s pose — all in 10 minutes.


35-Minute Spicy Flow

This “spicy” vinyasa flow from Tana Yoga is perfect if you’re an intermediate or advanced yogi. It includes standing poses, twists, some balancing postures, and a dose of fiery core work before it ends with a cozy savasana. Tana describes this routine as a “fluid, flowy dance.” Here’s hoping it hits the spot.


22-Minute Intentional Flow

This flow from Mishler is meant to help you “feel your best,” which is precisely what you need whenever energy fades. You’ll begin the workout in a seated position on your mat with eyes closed before taking a few deep breaths and setting an intention for the movement ahead.

At the end, Mishler recommends giving your feet a little “wake-up call” by drumming them on the floor. From there, finish with two more deep breaths, and you’ll be off to the races.

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Kelly Clifton-Turner, ERYT-500, yoga teacher and and director of education for YogaSix

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