The 11 Best Yoga With Kassandra Videos For Morning Movement

Wake up on your mat.

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A roundup of the best Yoga with Kassandra morning stretch videos.
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While there are plenty of good ways to start the day, morning yoga is definitely at the top of the list. It feels so right to pop onto a mat (maybe while still in your pajamas), do a few stretchy poses, work out sore muscles, and have just a little bit of time to yourself before scratching things off your to-do list.

The Yoga with Kassandra YouTube channel, created by Ottawa, Canada-based yoga instructor Kassandra Reinhardt, is a one-stop (virtual) shop that offers a variety of morning yoga flows. Her videos have strong Yoga with Adriene vibes in that they’re welcoming and accessible — just like the classes on Mishler’s channel — but they’re also unique to Reinhardt’s personal teaching style.

In her sessions meant for a morning practice, Reinhardt encourages you to remain extra mindful while you stretch, sometimes even suggesting you choose a word to set as your intention for the day. She also has a lot of videos that center around morning-specific problems, like lack of energy or tight hips, as well as quickie stretches for prepping your body for the day when you’re short on time.

Before you make coffee, check your phone, or head off to work, try moving through one of these Yoga with Kassandra morning flows, and revel in the fact you started the day on a high note.


5-Minute Stretch

If you only have five minutes (or just don’t have much energy) go for this short and sweet video. You’ll move through a quick sequence of body-opening poses, like low lunges and three-legged dogs, to stretch out your muscles — and finish having done just enough to wake yourself up.


10-Minute Mindfulness Flow

If you have a bit more time, try this 10-minute stretch to start your morning with mindful movement. You’ll start with a few deep breaths before gliding into side twists (these feel so good in the a.m.) and other classic yoga poses — think forward folds and runner’s lunges.

As the flow continues, Reinhardt suggests keeping one word in mind to represent your intention for the day. That way, you leave your mat feeling extra motivated.


20-Minute Flow For Energy

This flow is good for all fitness levels, and you won’t need any props like towels or boosters — just you, a mat, and 20 minutes to dedicate towards your practice.

The class features bridge poses to open up the front of your body, as well as a curly eagle pose to bring some “fire” to your core. Less than half an hour later and you’ll feel more revved and open as you kickstart your day.


Stretches For Your Hips & Lower Back

If you’re someone who wakes up with stiff hips and a sore back (same), then opt for this 10-minute class that’s specifically meant to combat those a.m. aches. Reinhardt guides you through a series of moves like seated cat-cows, butterflies, and tabletop pose with hip circles to melt muscle tension.


10-Minute Full-Body Stretch

For a full-body stretch, try this yoga practice that’s meant to wake you up from head to toe. You’ll do side stretches, you’ll thread the needle, you’ll downward dog — and by the end of class, your muscles will feel more open and lengthened so you can have a more productive morning.


Sun Salutations

Get yourself in a good mood with this 15-minute energizing yoga flow featuring sun salutations, which are perfect for getting your blood pumping first thing in the morning. It’s intermediate level, so you might enjoy it if you’re comfy with postures like chair pose, chaturanga, warriors, and backbends.


Flow For Beginners

If you’re new to the whole morning yoga thing — or yoga in general — then this 20-minute routine’s for you. It focuses on easy peasy poses like reclined butterfly (lying back on the mat), downward facing dog (piking your hips into the air), and child’s pose (collapsing forward onto your mat). It’s chill, but still effectively stretches out your body after spending all night in bed.


10-Minute Stretch (Featuring Kittens)

Not feeling it this morning? Then you might appreciate this video featuring none other than three fluffy kittens. Follow along with Reinhardt’s 10-minute stretch flow, pausing occasionally to peek over at the cuteness.


Pre-Workout Flow

If you’re about to set out on a morning jog or other kind of sweat session, warm yourself up first with this stretchy, strengthening practice. It includes spinal, wrist, and ankle movements that shake out your muscles so they’re more primed for activity.


30-Minute Intermediate Flow

This 30-minute video offers a well-rounded intermediate practice with a focus on flexibility and strength. You’ll find yourself in extra stretchy poses like “cat pulling its tail,” three-legged planks, and warrior III. This video also features Reinhardt’s cute dog, Luna, as an added perk for your viewing pleasure.


10-Minute Wake-Up Stretch

Groggy? Tired? Still half asleep? Try this video to wake yourself up. It’s only 10 minutes long, but by the end of the flow, you’ll feel like a brand new person thanks to Reinhardt’s combo of spine-lengthening cobra pose, hip-opening warriors, and energizing twisted lunges.

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