12 Restorative Yoga With Adriene Videos For Gentle Movement

Stretch it out.

These are the 12 best restorative Yoga With Adriene videos for your yoga routine.

Maybe you're sore from yesterday's sweat sesh, or perhaps you're feeling stressed from pandemic life. Either way, hitting your yoga mat can help you feel better in both your body and your mind. If you're ready to take a break from your to-do list or grueling workouts, these are the best restorative Yoga With Adriene videos that'll help you relax and recover.

If you're not already part of the Yoga With Adriene fandom, the yogi is widely popular for offering hundreds of wide-ranging, beginner level-friendly — not to mention completely free — yoga flows on her YouTube channel. Certified yoga instructor Adriene Mishler offers everything from fiery vinyasa flows, balance practices, and peaceful meditations that are perfect for yogis of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. And if you're in the mood for something more gentle, she's got a slew of restorative yoga sessions that tackle body woes like WFH back pain or help you zen out for easier sleep.

Whether you're seeking deeper relaxation on your mat or are in need of a serious stretch sesh, these 12 restorative Yoga With Adriene videos will give your body some TLC.


Ease WFH Back Pain

You've probably spent the better part of last year stressed out and hunched over your WFH station. This class features posture-lengthening stretches that will leave your mind and spine a little less tense.


Stretch Out Your Whole Body

If your body feels like it's made of tightly coiled knots, move through this Yoga With Adriene video for relief. It'll guide you through 45 minutes of deep stretching to open up your hips, loosen your lower back, and leave you feeling much more open.


Unwind After A Run

This yoga for runners video offers gentle stretching for your lower body if you're feeling sore after clocking miles. Adriene guides you through hip-opening yoga postures that give your body the TLC it needs after high-impact exercise.


Get Centered & Grounded

Are you feeling generally off-center? Same. Try this 50-minute class to help you achieve mental and physical balance through grounding stretches, gentle twists, and heart-opening poses.


Use Movement As Your Medicine

This calming practice combines breath and movement to help relax your body and mind. In just over 15 minutes, this video is perfect to squeeze in between Zoom meetings, after a workout, or right before bed.


Yoga For Feeling Cozy

Sometimes you're looking for more of a chill yoga sesh. Adriene's got you: This 20-minute practice takes place entirely on the floor to provide extra support while you stretch and breathe. It even ends with savasana under a blanket, so it's a perfect excuse for a post-flow nap.


Relax On Your Mat

Also for savasana fans: This 30-minute session calms your nervous system by slowing down your breath and movement, and you don't even have to stand up.


Slow Your Roll

For the perfect midday desk break, move through this 15-minute practice to get the blood flowing. You'll work through gentle twists and compressions that'll help you wring out the tension you're holding in your body so you'll leave your mat with more space.


Try Out Yin Yoga

If you're looking to dabble into more restorative yoga, try yin. Adriene's intro to yin video will teach you the basics of the slow-moving, ultra-relaxing practice. Added bonus: You can use pillows and blankets to support you during class for most comfortable savasana of all time.


Relieve Tension

Do you clench your jaw or shrug your shoulders when you're stressed? Relieve that pent-up tension with this 28-minute class, which moves through restorative postures like neck stretches and spine-loosening twists to melt away your tightness.


Rejuvenate Tired Legs

Sore from yesterday's spin class? Adriene offers the perfect remedy with this flow for tired legs that'll stretch out your lower body, hips, and low back to help you recover from your latest workout — your aching gams will thank you.

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