The Best Long Yoga With Adriene Videos To Try When Your Muscles Are Tight

Settle in.

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The best long Yoga With Adriene videos to take for a lengthy flow.
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Sometimes it feels right to roll out a yoga mat, do a few downward facing dogs, and move on with the day. But if you’re itching for a full-body stretch and really want to spend some time with your breath, then a long Yoga with Adriene video may hit the spot.

Certified yoga instructor Adriene Mishler has all sorts of amazing videos on her popular YouTube channel, from quick 10-minute vinyasa flows to full 60-minute classes and everything in between. While her shorter classes are always guaranteed to give you a mind-body boost, the longer vids allow you to truly settle in and “find what feels good” — a phrase Mishler always uses in her flows and basically means give your body some TLC.

Countless studies have shown that doing yoga on a regular basis really does make you feel good. It increases flexibility, lowers blood pressure, and even reduces stress and anxiety, meaning you’re bound to feel at least a little bit better by the end of class. (If anything, it’ll be nice to see Mishler’s cute dog, Benji, for an extended period of time.)

Here, the best long Yoga with Adriene videos to pull up the next time you want (or need) to commit some extra time to your practice.


One Hour Shakti Power Flow

This video offers 60 minutes of yoga flow with a focus on alignment and breath. During the practice, you’ll move energy, or Shakti, through your whole body via a series of asanas, or postures. Mishler starts off seated before incorporating deep breaths, cat-cows, plows, and twisted warriors, all of which lengthen and strengthen all your muscles.


Compassion + Core Strength

This 58-minute video is peak Mischler: It’s centered around compassion — something the yogi really values — and starts off with a visualization of a shaken snowglobe settling on a shelf. That snowglobe represents your mind and the snowflakes your thoughts, slowly drifting down, says Mischler, noting that this embodies what happens during your practice.

After the visual, you’ll move into plenty of downward dogs, a hip-opening child’s pose, and other classic stretches that connect your body to your breath as they strengthen through your core.


Full Self-Love Class

Mishler says this practice is one you’ll want to return to on a regular basis, especially if you need a boost of self-love. You’ll start off the 50-minute class by lying down in savasana for about eight minutes as you set your intention and listen to Mischler’s confidence-boosting wisdom. After that, you’ll start to build heat within your body through a series of strengthening and toning yoga stretches.


Yoga For Uncertainty

Feeling uncertain, stressed, untethered... or all of the above? Work through this 51-minute flow. You’ll begin the practice with a moment to center your mind and connect to your breath before moving through grounding poses that’ll make you feel more seen, heard, and understood. Your muscles will also benefit with plenty of lengthening poses like crescent lunge, forward fold, and side plank.


49-Minute Deepen & Flow

Here’s a peppy, fun cardio-focused video for intermediate-level yogis. Work up a sweat in just under 50 minutes as Mischler takes you through a spicy vinyasa featuring warrior three, twisted lunges, and chair pose — the latter of which will have your glutes on f-i-r-e.


Heart-Pumping Flow

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to work the core, open the hips, and get the blood pumping. You’ll get bendy and twisty in 57 minutes of lunging postures, sun salutations, and balancing poses like warrior three. If you’re looking for a challenge, the fast pace of this flow will definitely have you working up a sweat.


Yoga For Self Discipline

As Mishler says, this is a “juicy one.” If you’re a fan of her videos, then you know that means the workout is going to be good. In the 46-minute flow, you’ll build a foundation for healthy tapas, or discipline, which she says will serve you both on and off the mat. Think challenging poses that test your mental and physical strength, like plank variations, eagle pose, and lunge holds.


Full-Body Workout

Step onto your mat for a full hour of fiery yoga with this flow from Mischler, which incorporates postures that light up all muscle groups within your body. Think spine-opening cat-cow, ab-strengthening bird dog, and hip-opening yogi squat.

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