Is Aubrey O'Day Still Dating Travis Garland?

What's going on with Aubrey O'Day and Travis Garland? Ever since the former Danity Kane singer and her musician beau started appearing on the reality show Marriage Boot Camp in May, viewers have been anxious to see if the two can resolve their relationship issues. They complained that many of their problems had stemmed from being too similar, and things between them had gotten so bad that O'Day had actually moved out of the home they shared. Considering the very public strain, some fans and followers might be wondering if Aubrey O'Day and Travis Garland are still dating? After all, Marriage Boot Camp does not air live.

Like many celebrities, clues about O'Day's personal life can be found all over her Instagram. While some stars like to play mysterious on social media (see: Beyoncé), O'Day usually is pretty clear about what exactly is going on in her relationship. And as you can probably guess, it is not always sunshine and roses. One month ago, O'Day made a pretty straightforward singlehood announcement in the form of a revealing bathing suit selfie with the caption: "single now. suit by @amiclubwear." (No one can accuse her of not being direct!) But now, the singer seems to be playing a different tune entirely.

On July 27, which is Garland's birthday, O'Day posted a photo to her page of the pair looking extra cozy together, wrapped in a warm embrace. The caption reads, "Happy Birthday @TravisGarland! Your energy, ambition, wit, talent, effortless style, and determined heart never cease to light up a room and everyone in it!" For good measure, she even added a kissy face emoji.

What's more, O'Day added another photo of the two together right afterward on her page, still locked in a similar embrace, but this time with Garland looking at her instead of at the camera, giving her the starry eyes. The caption, oddly enough, was a pair of emojis for an outlet plug and an upward pointing arrow. Some followers commented, "Charged up." (Maybe the duo bonded over a shared love of Drake's Meek Mill dis?)

Garland also shared photos on his birthday, one of which thanked O'Day and Shannon Bex, O'Day's former band mate in Danity Kane and current band mate in the group Dumblonde, for helping him celebrate his big day.

It seems safe to say that this on-and-off relationship is currently "on." But much like reality television, things are subject to change at any time.