Could 'BB17's Austin Self-Evict to Jury?

At one time, Austin was my favorite contender on Season 17 of Big Brother. These days? I don’t know where his head is at half the time. It's gotten so bad that after last night's episode, I've been legitimately wondering if Big Brother 17's Austin could self-evict to jury. It's a valid question to wonder: after all, it’s been a while since the former WWE wrestler and all-around hopeless romantic has really been in the game — lately, it's felt like his heart (and his head) are both floating around somewhere over Liz these days, so the guy is really capable of anything. Some of the comments he’s made about doing whatever he can to save her are incredibly troubling and lead me to believe the guy is no longer focused on winning the game or the $500,000.

So, of course, when he started talking to Jason in Sunday night’s episode about getting him and Liz to jury instead of taking it all the way, I was sincerely confused. He wants to do what?

With all of his strategy up in the air at this point, it’s completely appropriate that we start asking ourselves how far Austin is going to take this hopeless crush on Liz. Would he take his love so far as to self-evict in order to jury? Or was all of that talk just a part of his “plan” and a way to confuse Jason?

I don’t know for sure, but I do know that I am confused. So, if it was his intention to throw everyone off of his trail for a week or two, it’s working!

So, could Austin self-evict in order to get himself to jury? At this point, I’m going to go with a big fat maybe, because Austin seems to be unpredictable at this moment. He’s clearly no longer interested in making it to the end above anything else. His priorities have shifted, and if making it to jury means saving Liz during the summer, then my guess is he would totally do it.

For what it's worth, self-evicting to jury hasn't been done many times before. There was Season 13's Lawon Exum who asked to go up on the block and then asked to be evicted — but, otherwise, not many players have been so unwise to make a move like that. Not even for love.

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