What Will Happen To Jon Snow Next Season?

Earlier this summer the HBO show Game of Thrones left off on a particularly cruel cliffhanger, with Jon Snow’s life hanging in the balance. After being brutally stabbed many times by multiple members of the Night’s Watch, blood pooled behind a stunned — and possibly dead! — Jon Snow. Fans were devastated and left wondering, “What is going to happen to Jon Snow next season?”

We are still months away from the show’s Season 6 premiere date, allowing GoT fans’ imaginations to run wild with resurrection theories and hopeful possibilities for Jon Snow next season. Without a book — Jon Snow’s fate leaves off with the same cliffhanger at the end of George R.R. Martin’s “A Dance with Dragons” — or HBO trailer to look to for guidance, fans have been finding clues wherever they can from cast reactions, to toys, to Kit Harington’s haircut! So, let’s indulge our imaginations one more time and speculate about Jon Snow’s future on the series. Here are six things that could totally happen to Jon Snow next season on Game of Thrones... Because, right now, we can believe anything we want to about Jon Snow’s fate — no matter how outrageous the guess!

1. Jon Snow Could Hook Up With Ygritte In The Afterlife

Hey, weirder things have happened in Westeros!

2. He Could Be Resurrected

If I had to put money on one of these options, it would be this one. Hello, the Red Lady is at the Wall. Jon Snow is (probably) coming back to life next season.

3. Maybe He Never Actually Died

If so, Jon is not going to be happy with those literal backstabbers.

4. He Could Fight The White Walkers

Jon Snow may be the “chosen one” that Melisandre speaks of, the one who can defeat the White Walkers with a magical sword. I mean, that Valyrian steel has proven effective …

5. Maybe He Is Dead

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but a funeral scene could be the last we see of Jon Snow.

6. Our Fan Fiction Dreams Could Come True

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While online fan fiction has characters getting it on in all sorts of interesting combinations, one popular coupling is Daenerys and Jon Snow — which, TBH, sounds pretty hot. A girl can dream, right?

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO (2), Giphy (4)