Which Disney Princesses Could Be President?

It's undeniable that, above all cartoon characters, Disney princesses have taught the world so much. Mulan, for instance, was the first movie that showed me that girls can really do anything boys can do. Belle in Beauty and the Beast told me that it was totally cool to be a book nerd. Aladdin's Jasmine has sass for days and taught me that we girls "are not prizes to be won." I couldn't stop singing all the songs as a kid, which bugged my parents to no end (in fact, I sing "Part of Your World" in the shower to this day) — to say I was obsessed was an understatment. These stories and lessons are what made childhoods, which is why our generation is still obsessed with Disney princesses today. They were influential characters.

Artists like to reimagine the iconic princesses in different scenarios (we got Disney princesses drawn as realistic humans, for instance), but, considering how influential they were to my childhood, I've got to wonder something a bit different. Like, what if our favorite characters were to participate in politics, and take on the most influential office in the land? The US might just have its first female president soon with Hillary Clinton — so it is only a matter of time before millennial women raised on Disney run for office. When they do, they might want to know which princess' leadership they should model themselves after.

So, in preparation of that time, here are Disney princess ranked by how good a president she would be.

8. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Poor Aurora. She's most famous for being asleep, and is vulnerable to curses — plus, she doesn't handle stress well. She shouldn't go into politics.

7. Elsa, Frozen

Yes, Elsa is a lovable character and a fierce singer, but she doesn't have the best leadership skills. She's afraid of public speaking, and values her alone time too much to be president.

6. Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Ariel would be great at campaigning — she likes to be where the people are — but I wouldn't trust her as president. She was too willing to give up her family and everything she knew for a different life. Who is she? What does she stand for?

5. Snow White, Snow White

She showed great leadership skills in her cottage life — but she loves the woods too much to relocate to Washington D.C.'s White House.

4. Jasmine, Aladdin

Considering she's amongst the most feminist Disney princesses, Jasmine is certainly politically experienced. She'd be a great president.

3. Cinderella, Cinderella

As the quintessential rags-to-riches story, Cinderella is the embodiment of the American Dream. She can relate to both all classes, and maybe she could develop policy to help empower and give opportunities to lower-class families.

2. Mulan, Mulan

This badass warrior would be great at foreign policy, and could probably save the world.

1. Belle, Beauty And The Beast

Belle is the most learned of the group, and certainly the most ambitious. If you can befriend objects and teach a beast to love, you can definitely negotiate peace in the Middle East.

Belle/Mulan for 2016, anyone?

Images: Disney, Giphy (8)