5 Things That Would Happen If Bachelor Parties Looked Like Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties have become absurd. To prove just how silly bachelorette parties can be, Buzzfeed has put together a remarkable concept: “If Bachelor Parties Looked Like Bachelorette Parties.” In it, we get a glimpse into just what a bachelor party would look like if things were done as they’re done by a gaggle of bridesmaids hoping to the make a memorable night for their beloved bride-to-be.The results may make you re-think your plans for your friend’s upcoming bachelorette party, or at least that’s what I’m hoping.

If you we take a seriously look at bachelorette parties, we can see they’re a little, well, ridiculous. Riddled with penis cakes, penis straws, penis candies, penis everything, and a bunch of women wearing matching t-shirts while the bride-to-be rocks a veil or something equally horrifying, you can’t help but wonder, a la Carrie Bradshaw, how this all came to be. Who in their right mind wants to be sucking on a penis lollipop as they celebrate their final days of being single? Who invented this mayhem?! I want a name!

Society’s obsession with pre-wedding events has really overtaken the whole point of what a wedding is supposed to be about: marriage. Although all this nonsense was once primarily something women did, out of tradition I suppose, even dudes have started getting in on the action with their “bro-dal showers,” because that’s exactly what your friends want ― another thing to spend money on in addition to the big day. Some wedding trends just need to stop.

But here’s the breaking news: Bachelorette parties don’t need to be pricey, cheesy, and littered with penis paraphernalia. How about a pizza party in your jammies instead? Combine that with a John Hughes movie marathon and things get really get crazy; I mean, really crazy.

If you ever needed photographic proof of just how silly bachelorette parties can be, look no further than these bachelors throwing one hell of a bachelorette-style party. Here are five photos, courtesy of Buzzfeed, that sum it all up perfectly.

1. Vagina Straws

First of all look, at these straws; they are the vagina equivalent to the penis straw that are so hot at bachelorette parties. Puts things into perspective, doesn't it? Or, more realistically, makes you wonder vagina straws aren't more of thing at bachelorette parties ― so pretty!

2. Matching T-Shirts

Although it will take months for everyone to agree upon a shirt that looks great on while you're out and about, this will be the end result. Matching tees have sort of lost their thrill, huh?

3. Vagina Pinata

While I had remained blissfully unaware that pinatas were even a thing at bachelorette parties, this photos shows me I'm definitely late to the party. Again. Also that blow-up doll looks pissed that the paper vagina above her head is about to get destroyed.

4. Sexy Lingerie

Hell yeah! Lingerie for the groom that really makes the sexy statement: "I am patriotic and will do the sex to you now."

5. Vagina-Themed Games

Because bachelorette parties are all about games, it only makes sense that the dude equivalent would be a game in which there's a vagina, sperm, and the need for perfect aim. It's like baseball with the reproductive organs.

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Images: Courtesy Of Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life