9 Places Where You Have To Have Sex At Least Once

One of the best ways to keep your sex life spicy is to switch up your location. But where are the best places to have sex? According to a 2014 study, the top two fantasies for women are to have sex in a “romantic location” or in an “unusual place,” respectively. It’s when we actually branch outside our usual sexual locale that things get really exciting.

The study, which was conducted in Quebec, examined the sexual fantasies of women who were mostly between the ages of 20 and 40. And although they found that not all women want to act on their fantasies, what they did see is that location is everything. In addition to location, a 2001 study published in The Journal of Sex Research also found that for some women it’s all about the excitement that comes with being an exhibitionist; there’s no better place to indulge in that fantasy than having sex somewhere outside the confines of your home. It’s something everyone should do at least once.

But with so many places in the world where you could possibly have sex, where should you start? Well, if you don’t have a bucket list of your own, then let me help you. Here are nine locations where you should have sex at least once.

1. In The Car

If you grew up outside a city, then you probably spent a good chunk of your teenage years making out or having sex in cars. Where else is a teenager with raging hormones supposed to go to have sex? If that doesn’t seem like a familiar scenario, then it’s time to get in on what all us kids from the country know all too well: Car sex is awesome.

Not only do you get the thrill of somebody maybe coming by and catching you in the act, but you get that rush that comes with being 16 all over again when even kissing felt a bit “naughty.”

2. In A Public Bathroom

I have had sex in four public bathrooms in my life. Yes, the germ factor sounds vile and disgusting, and totally a boner killer, but in the heat of the moment, germs are the furthest thing from your mind. Similarly to having sex in a dressing room (which is near-impossible with retail employees constantly asking you if you need any help), there’s the excitement of both getting caught and the fact that you and your partner just couldn’t wait any longer.

Throw in a long line of people who have been drinking all night and are on the verge of peeing their pants, and its any exhibitionist’s heaven.

3. In The Shower

Although it’s one of the most dangerous places to have sex, shower sex can be really hot, especially if you have your period, because easy cleanup, obvs. But if you prep by keeping too many suds out of it and getting a no-slip mat, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you don’t think you and your partner can swing shower sex without killing each other, then the hot water and giving each other a rub down with a loofa will make for excellent foreplay.

4. In An Elevator

Totally cliché or totally awesome? Definitely the latter, if only because you are literally pressed for time and at any minute someone could walk in on you. It’s a race to see how far you can get before someone busts in on the fun!

5. At Your Parents’ House

It’s always a source of debate during the holidays: Should my partner and I have sex at mom and dad’s house? Answer: Yes. It not only brings you back to those days when you used to sneak some sexy times in when you were living at home, but the risk of getting caught by mom and dad, at least for some people, is just the ultimate thrill.

If you do do it, you will hardly be alone. A 2014 study by Priceline found that 40 percent of adult couples have had sex either at a relative’s house or when they had relatives visiting, during the holiday season.

6. On A Plane

Oh, yes, the Mile High Club. While the idea of trying to get it on in that tiny bathroom or under a blanket in coach seems like an insanely bad idea, there are those who have pulled it off.

According to 2014 study by Switchfly, four percent of Americans get to say they're part of the Mile High Club, with men pretty much dominating the scene. But for the women who have been able to join, the majority of them are from 45 to 54 years of age. What we can deduce from this is if you haven't had sex on a plane yet, your prime years are ahead of you. Also, there's an app for that.

7. In Front Of A Mirror

Studies may have confirmed that men are far more visually stimulated than women, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy watching you and your partner have sex in a mirror. It might feel awkward at first to see yourself in live action ("I look like THAT?!"), but you also may find that it adds to your sexual satisfaction. What's the difference between watching porn or yourself with partner during sex? I mean, besides the fact that porn stars have mad moves that the rest of us will never be able to finagle, of course.

8. On The Beach

While logistically, sex on the beach is a nightmare – sand in the vagina, a bunch of little kids eye-spying you, possible arrest – considering it has a drink named after it, a song named after it, and is included in one of the most iconic move scenes ever, it’s impossible not to put it on the list. If you’re looking for romance, sex on the beach is it ― but it’s likely to get you more than just that. A sandy vagina is no one’s friend; neither is having to register as a sex offender because you got caught.

9. In The Water

The opening scene of Jaws may have pretty much ruined the idea of having sex in the ocean for everyone, but having sex in the water is always fun because you feel weightless. It's how I like to imagine having sex in outer space might be and makes me question for why I never pursued that whole astronaut thing.

However, the downside is that whether you opt for the ocean (you brave soul!) or a pool, both can be less than friendly on a condom, so that's something to seriously consider. No sexual experience is worth an STI.

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