How Valid are Vanessa's Crazy Theories?

If Big Brother 17 has a main "character" right now, it's Vanessa. She has a good heart and a passion for the game, but is constantly undermined by trusting people that aren't right for her. She may have made her biggest mistake this past week when she turned her back on 5/8 of the Dark Moon Alliance by putting up the beloved Jason instead of the despised Austin. Vanessa could easily win Big Brother 17 , but her greatest weakness may be one shared by many houseguests, past and present: Paranoia.

Having now spent over a month and a half in the house, Vanessa has noticed a variety of odd happenings and read far too deeply into them. No one is safe from Vanessa's odd and crazy theories. Whether you are one of her former opponents like Da'Vonne and Audrey, or one of her closest allies like Clay and Steve, Vanessa thinks that something is strange and has an explanation. A large part of Big Brother is being able to read other people, and predict how a person will act so that you can stay a step ahead of them in the game. Not a part of the game, however, is putting a tin foil hat on your head and creating wild conspiracies like Vanessa has. Here are some of her wackiest theories and their odds of actually coming true.

Da'Vonne Didn't Actually Have The Power Of Last Laugh

Vanessa suspects that Da'Vonne did not have the power of the Last Laugh. It's not only true that Da'Vonne absolutely had the Last Laugh, but it doesn't matter either way, since Da'Vonne went home anyway. So why is Vanessa wasting time talking about it?

Clay Was A Twin Twist

Vanessa may have jumped a little too quickly on the Twin Twist suspicion train this season, and quickly started to believe that Clay is a twin. This amused Clay, who played along with it for a while before shutting her down. Vanessa would later be the first person to get Liz (who was actually Julia at the time) to confess she was a twin, so her twin suspicions paid off in the end.

Audrey Was America’s Player

In an attempt to explain Audrey's unpredictable behavior, Vanessa began to suspect that she was America's Player, and not in control of her own gameplay. One again, this rumor is 100 percent false, as this season did not feature an America's Player twist.

Jeff & Jackie Are Engaged

Vanessa suspected that Jeff and Jackie were engaged, and that they might have gotten an extra prize if they both stayed in the house together by a certain week. Despite Jeff and Jackie's history on The Amazing Race, they are neither engaged nor are they a couple.

John & Steve Are Communicating Secretly


Vanessa's record of Big Brother theories is 0/5, which is not a good sign for her future decisions. Instead of theorizing about secret code languages happening in the house, she should theorize that maybe Clay and Shelli don't have her back as much as she thinks they do. That theory may actually keep her in the house! For more on this season's gameplay, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast.

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