What Does Your Fave 'Friends' S.O. Say About You?

The time has come once again to envelope ourselves in glorious nostalgia by looking back at Friends, otherwise known as the best sitcom of all time. Despite the series' title, our favorite sextet had a hard time keeping things strictly platonic. Obviously, many of us hopped aboard the Ross and Rachel ship right from the pilot episode, and who can forget the glory that was Chandler and Monica from Season 5 on? There was definitely some romantic chemistry between members of the gang, but we couldn't have every single cast member hooking up throughout all 10 seasons. One of the many things that Friends did well was showcasing the various trials of dating in your 20s and 30s. The series featured a revolving door of girlfriends and boyfriends for each member of its ensemble, with some significant others sticking around long enough to become fan favorites.

All of the S.O.'s who gleaned guest stints on Friends were anything but two-dimensional. Each character came into the fold with their own set of quirks, exposition, and the ability to make as chuckle as hard as the regular cast. Of all the noteworthy players in Friends' romantic story arcs, which one would you pick as your favorite? Your choice can actually reveal a lot about you.

1. Richard Burke

Aww, Richard. Other than Chandler, this guy was my favorite of all of Monica's boyfriends. If the dashing ophthalmologist is your fave, you probably value honesty, maturity, and compassion in a relationship. You like a person who has become established in their life and knows all about settling down.

2. Janice Litman Goralnik

Oh. My. Gawd. If Janice is your top pick, you must have the patience of a saint — or some kind of affinity for loud noises. You value humor in a relationship and even enjoy going a bit (a lot) overboard when it comes to romance. You also may have very little shame, which I consider a plus.

3. Barry Farber

Ew, why? I was never a fan of Rachel's philandering ex-fiancée, but if you like him...um...well...maybe you really care about dental hygiene? Seriously, guys, you can do better.

4. David The Scientist Guy

Talk nerdy to me — amiright?? If you were smitten with Phoebe's adorably geeky ex, you and I might be the same person. Intellect turns you on almost as much as awkwardness and endearing fits of rambling.

5. Emily Waltham

You are not a shipper of Ross and Rachel.

6. Tag Jones

Rachel's assistant-turned-boyfriend was no Ross — but he was definitely a worthy suitor. If Tag is your S.O. of choice, you value someone with boyish charm and who doesn't allow the straits of adulthood to prevent them from having a good time. You also love good hair.

7. Kathy

Kathy originally entered the fold as Joey's girlfriend before falling for Chandler. I actually enjoyed Kathy up until she cheated on Chandler, especially considering how difficult it was for her to shake a friendship before embarking on the aforementioned relationship. If Kathy is your fave, you enjoy spunk, The Velveteen Rabbit, and a challenge.

8. Janine Lecroix

Joey had a brief romance with his roommate, Janine, before breaking things off after discovering Janine couldn't stand Chandler and Monica. If — for whatever reason — Janine was your favorite, you may have a thing for forbidden fruit. You don't allow barriers like shared living space get in the way of passion. I admire your gumption, but tread carefully — you don't want to end up in an awkward roomie situation that's marked by clipped conversation and passive aggressive post-it notes.

9. Mike Hannigan

As much as I loved David with Phoebe, Mike was clearly the man she was destined to be with. If Mike is your favorite, congratulations — you have exceptional taste. I mean, it's Paul Rudd, so how can this guy not garner a top spot on your list?

10. Pete Becker

Pete was Monica's boyfriend who she initially did not feel enough spark with, but later went on to fall in love with before Pete's Ultimate Fighting Championship dreams — and subsequent injuries — permanently fractured their relationship. If Pete was your favorite, you enjoy success, quirkiness, and don't like rushing into relationships — you're more of the "slow burn" persuasion. You also may really like Jon Favreau movies.

11. Gary

OK, other than that time Gary shot a bird, Phoebe's beau was pretty awesome. If he was your favorite, you value those with a big heart and compassion beneath a tough exterior. Did someone say "dreamboat?" Oh yeah, that was me. I said that the second I looked at Gary's picture.

You may have only one fave, or have picked a few of the listed S.O.'s as forever holding a place in your heart. With such an eclectic mix, it's hard to choose only one.

Images: NBC (11)