Rebel Wilson Buys A Boat & The Purchase Reminds Us That Her 'Pitch Perfect 2' Character Was Less Water Savvy

Somebody just made an aca-awesome purchase! Actress Rebel Wilson tweeted on Monday, August 3, that she had treated herself — and her family — by buying a boat. "I know family is the most important thing in the world...but I just bought a boat...and am sharing it with my family," she tweeted, " pretty important x." Wilson has previously shown some aquatic acumen, posting some pictures of herself fly boarding during an excursion to Ibiza. Anyone who can be propelled into the air with that much poise should be able to handle playing "sea captain" no problem.

Along with her big purchase, things have been cruising along pretty well for Wilson. Between being hailed as a fashion icon, body image role model, and sparking with new beau, Mickey Gooch, she also starred in the May smash hit, Pitch Perfect 2. After the comedy slayed at the box office, rumors of a Pitch Perfect 3 being in the works were confirmed, and Wilson has signed on to reprise her role as Fat Amy. As all of us avid Pitch Perfect fans know, Fat Amy has never been nearly as water savvy as Wilson appears to be. Although her "mermaid dancing" skills are decidedly on fleek, Fat Amy proved in one pivotal Pitch Perfect 2 scene that she wasn't the best at boating protocol.

During my personal favorite scene of the aca-awesome sequel, Fat Amy decides to proclaim her love for Bumper by serenading him with a rendition of Pat Benatar's "We Belong" whilst rowing a canoe toward shore.

As romantic — albeit, hilarious — the grand gesture for Bumper was, Fat Amy's actions during the scene proved she should probably steer clear of boating activities for a few reasons.

1. Standing On A Canoe Is A Recipe For Disaster

Standing up for your man definitely has more of an effect than sitting down for said man. Still, it is a miracle that Fat Amy didn't take a dive face-first into that murky body of water. I hear canoes have a tendency to flip over.

2. Where Did That Canoe Even Come From??

Did Fat Amy steal it? Did she rent it? Being that she also made a routine of "borrowing" 20 dollars from Becca's purse each month, I wouldn't put it past her.

3. She Doesn't Dock At The Best Spots

Talk about an uphill battle — amiright??

4. She Abandoned The Canoe Completely...

After haphazardly climbing onto shore — or street, rather — Fat Amy simply abandons the canoe that she may or may not have stolen, without securing the boat onto anything.

5. ...And The Canoe Was Never Seen Again

Fat Amy became preoccupied with a hilarious PDA make out session with Bumper, leaving the canoe to sail off to who know's where. We never saw it again.

Although she's not the best when it comes to aquatic activities, let's hope the canoe — along with Fat Amy's mermaid dancing — can make a reappearance in Pitch Perfect 3.

Images: Giphy (6); Universal Pictures