7 Reasons To Try The Lace Up Trend Because It's Not Reserved For Lingerie Anymore

When the term "lace up" comes into conversation, it's easy to think of sexy lingerie and alluring, reserved-for-nighttime items. But in reality, the lace up trend is an elegant way to bring the kind of small yet gorgeous detail typical of bedroom-wear into your daily wardrobe without it seeming out of place or inappropriate. Plus, it's a great way to transition into autumn. Considering it's already August, it seems fall fashion will be here before we know it.

As much as I love summer, I usually can't wait for the temperatures to drop and for my wardrobe to officially be fall-ified. After all, fall fashion is a hub for deep colors and textured dresses and wooly tights. One of my favorite pieces for the upcoming season, however, will be the lace up shirt, since it will allow me to stay cool during the still-sunny days of fall while adding some extra warmth on chillier nights. A lace up piece is the perfect companion to both fancier items as well as casual knits, serving as the statement to an otherwise basic ensemble.

Here are just seven reasons why you should try the lace up detail trend for yourself, whether as a shirt, shorts, or even a bodysuit. Even though the lace up style is being a deemed a "trend," I have a feeling its presence in our wardrobes won't be fleeting.

1. It's All In The Details

Tripp Lace-Up Skinny Jean, $69, torrid.com

I'm all about basic clothes and I think I could survive on T-shirts and jeans forever. That being said, having small yet noticeable detailing on your basic wardrobe pieces is a foolproof way to infuse some interest and uniqueness into your everyday ensembles. With lace up detailing on the side of some black jeans, they'll be made 10 times more dynamic than the rest of the denim in your black jean arsenal.

2. It Can Be Subtle

ASOS Soft Shirt With Lace Up Detail, $54, us.asos.com

As I mused before, it's easy to think of sexy lace or corsetry when you hear "lace up." But these items don't necessarily have to be super sexy. In fact, some pieces can look perfectly innocent and subtle. A blouse like this one would be perfect for many occasions, and maybe even the office depending on your job.

3. But It Can Be Sexy, Too

ASOS Tall '70s Plunge Front Body With Lattice Detail, $40, us.asos.com

To add some allure to your look, you can go all-in with a bodysuit. This shirt has laces that stop at your waist and can be loosened or tightened depending on your preference. The adjustable quality really lets the wearer decide how sexy this piece can be. Plus, the bodysuit factor makes it easy to slip on and just walk out the door.

4. It's Easy To Dress Up

Wait And See Lace-Up Dress, $68, nastygal.com

If you're not quite comfortable with a bodysuit silhouette, a lace up dress can also be a good option. A dress with lace up detail on the chest is simple yet pretty, while still maintaining a more formal and put together feel. It's perfect for a night out, a dinner date, or even with heels for a special event.

5. Or Dress Down

Tiered Embroidered Tunic, $25, forever21.com

While an alluring detail might be a no-brainer for a night out, it can be just as acceptable in a casual setting as well. In keeping to reason No. 2, a subtle detail on a pretty piece doesn't have to scream overbearing or inappropriate. In fact, it can do the exact opposite and simply be graceful and appealing when paired with jeans or some stylish sweatpants.

6. It Comes In Everything

Amelia Lace Up Front Plunge Crop, $16, boohoo.com

Thanks to lace up styles being super on trend right now, you can find lace up detailing on everything from shorts to shoes to crop tops. Whether you go all out or opt for something more subtle, this style is so worth experimenting with.

7. It Can Suit Anyone's Unique Style

ASOS Curve Romper With Lace Up Front, $45, us.asos.com

Whether you identify your style as being Bohemian, glam, or even preppy, there is a lace up style for you. Like all of these points prove, the lace up style can come in a variety of different designs and forms, so there's bound to be at least one item that can work into your wardrobe.

Now excuse me while I take my lunch break (read: buy every lace up item the webosphere has to offer).

Images: Courtesy Brands