Seriously, What Does Lauren I. Even Do?

The big question mark on this season of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 is not who will win, or who will get married next season. Nope, everyone is (or should be) wondering who is Lauren I, Ashley I.'s sister on Bachelor in Paradise ? All we really know is that she's younger and a tad more adventurous than her sister. The show makes a big deal out of how she is the opposite of her virginal sister, but there's more to her than that. Like, what was she doing before the show? What is Lauren I.'s day job? Unlike the rest of the cast members, she never did time on any Bachelor show prior to this one, so she's a pretty big mystery. She never talks about what she was up to before the show (aside from her dating habits), and ABC isn't offering any information. Instead of their usual bios with ages and occupations, ABC lists the BiP stars as "contestants" only. Lauren's full bio reads as such:

Lauren is Ashley Iaconetti's sister, who just decided to join Ashley on her trip to Paradise. Both sisters agree that Lauren tends to be more outgoing, but she hasn't seemed to make any love connections yet. Will she find love on her impromptu trip to Paradise?

I get that they are going for an air of mystery here, but I want to know what's up. Since she's basically a complete mystery, I've developed a few theories on what Lauren I. does for work, based off of the first week of the show.

1. Hairstylist

This is just the math talking here. Statistically speaking with regards to Bachelor in Paradise careers, she's most likely a hairstylist or a fitness instructor, and I could see her rocking a salon chair.

2. Bartender

She can talk to basically anyone, she keeps odd hours, and she knows her way around a margarita. Sounds like a bartender to me!

3. Dog Walker

The Bachelor/ette always has the best odd-jobs, and this one is a classic. Maybe she decided she was done with that animal life and ditched the pooches for Paradise.

4. Sales Executive

Wildcard: What if she is actually a super buttoned-up, high-powered Sales Executive? Then, on the show, this is, like, her after-work alter ego. That would be a fun After Paradise special reveal.

5. Stylist

I'm talking outfit stylist here. Her clothes have been pretty on point, and she's not shy about telling her sister what to wear or how to wear it. Maybe because she does that professionally?

6. Professional Show Crasher

Let's face it, she is walking away with the Most Memorable Cast Member award, and she just got here. She was destined for reality TV, and I'm sure she can make a career out of hopping from show to show, looking for love and a good time.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; giphy (6)