How To Wear Socks With All Sorts Of Heels

While straight-laced style devotees may raise an eyebrow when they see someone rocking socks with heels, the trend’s early adopters are getting the last laugh. Turns out, these crusaders of comfort jumped on the look before it slid its way (Risky Business-style) to the front of the fall footwear trends.

That’s right. "Fashion faux pas" attackers can fight the socks and heels trend all they want, but Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, and Nanette Lepore can’t all be wrong. These high fashion designers slid their models into socks, strapped them in heels, and sent them stomping down Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear runways.

Perhaps you're looking for a way to keep warm when the temperature starts to dip. Or maybe your feet just weren't meant for heels, and those extra millimeters of fabric are more about cruising in comfort than keeping it couture. (Shh! No one has to know that.) Regardless, there are plenty of reasons to rock the look, and if you’re planning on test driving the trend yourself, there are many ways you can wear it. White tie? There’s a sock-and-heel for that. Sunday brunch? Yes, there’s a look for that. Casual Friday? Yep — there's a combo for that, too.

While there are a few guidelines you’ll want to keep in mind, the trick is to take a risk when socking it to the world. After all, you’re already wearing socks with heels, so there’s no need to play it safe. To get you started, here are a few select sock and heel pairings that are perfect for any occasion.

1. Mod About the '60s

Hue Solid Femme Top Sock, $7, Hue

Jillyy, $100, Steve Madden

The groovy ‘70s comeback is by no means over, yet the swinging ‘60s are craning their neck around the corner for their season in the sun. Go mod by pairing your favorite platform silver sandals with a light blue floral patterned sock. Mixing retro prints and a metallic shoe gives this throwback ensemble a modern spin.

2. On Lock At The Office

Polo Ralph Lauren Crew Socks, $12, Nordstrom

Shena Leather Sandal, $122, Tradesy

OK, so you probably don't work in a high fashion office. (Or maybe you do! If so, ignore these subtleties, and go crazy.) When taming the socks-with-heels look for work, select your sock based on your shoe's color. Although you won't want the colors to match exactly, keep the hues fairly close. To contrast a polished heel, use men's socks to get that perfect slouchy look.

3. Daytrip Darling

Cat Sock, $12, Happy Socks

Platform Sandals, $35, H&M

Meeting pals for lunch? Afternoon at the museum? You're a busy lady, and you deserve to dress up in heels without regretting it two hours later. That's where the socks come in. Pair your solid color shoe with a funky pattern to saturate the skip in your step.

4. Night Out

Fishnet Pop Socks, $8, Topshop

Lipsy Emma Black 2 Part Sandals, $92, Shoes Online

Socks can be sexy, too. And shockingly, you don't lose one bit of comfort in the process, either! Shimmy into a set of fishnet socks, then slip into some black heeled sandals to complete the look. Playing with mesh paneling can create the look of a whole different shoe when layered over the fishnet sock.

5. Athleisure In Action

Nike Woodland Camo Elite Crew, $27, Nike

Jeffrey Campbell Power Cut Platform Heel, $55, Tradesy

If sporty chic skips to the office, heads downtown for dinner, and goes everywhere else your wardrobe takes you, you better believe it's working its way into the socks-with-heels trend. Style a futuristic sporty heel with a multicolor sock from one of your favorite workout gear labels, and get ready for the compliments to roll on in.

Images: Courtesy Brands