7 Unique & Fun Ways To Accesorize With Socks

Socks are often the forgotten element of an outfit, when in reality accessorizing with socks can make a major style statement. When we're thinking about dresses, crop tops, and accessories, we usually forget about what to wear on our feet (besides our shoes) — especially in the summer, when sandals are the best shoe wear option. But today, socks come in graphic prints, colorful patterns, and are embellished with trim and sequins. Their potential to add personality and originality to an otherwise basic ensemble is endless. But like most trends, the uniqueness comes from how a person wears them. Sure, if you wear socks completely disguised by your shoes, they're not going to make any kind of statement at all. But imagine a pair of sheer, floral socks peeking out from flats, or a fun pair of graphic socks that say "RAD" perfectly accessorizing your favorite high top sneakers. The sartorial possibilities of socks are limitless, and with all the variety and designs out there in 2015, there's actually a pair of socks for everyone. So, in an effort to encourage you to accessorize more with socks — and inspire you via some cool Instagram accounts and some of my favorite personal ways to wear socks — here are seven unique, fun ways to do exactly that. Just because they're an afterthought doesn't mean they don't have style and statement power. So get ready to rock your socks. Sorry, I had to.

1. With Heels

My mom would seriously get mad at me if she read this, but wear socks with your heels! Just because it's not the "proper" way to wear them doesn't mean you couldn't get away with it. Pair a knee-high pair of socks with a pair of pumps, like pictured, and you'll steal the show.

Likewise, pairing open-toed platforms and an embroidered pair of socks would look great in a summer wedding setting, or even for a night out. And plus, if you stretched out a pair of heels, or had to buy a size up, wear a pair of socks and it'll fit you snug. Plus, they add comfort and style to heels that are otherwise boring and uncomfortable. Mom: Sorry not sorry.

2. With Slide-Ons

Slide-ons with socks is a beast of its own. Most slide-on shoes, from flats to Vans (like the ones pictured above) leave extra room around the ankles, thus causing a problem for socks if your main incentive is to hide them. But the truth is, slide-ons are actually great for displaying and showcasing unique socks. From frilly versions to fun striped ones, socks and slide-ons are basically best friends in a shoe-y combination.

3. With Sandals

I don't believe in fashion faux pas. So don't be surprised if you find me wearing bright yellow neon socks with my black strappy sandals. Yes, it's different, it's unique, and it's not very common. But all those things are encouraging reasons why I would love to wear something or try out a trend, rather than the other way around.

These sandals do have a little bit of a heel, which makes them even cooler with a basic outfit, like a LBD or a midi skirt and crop top. But even wearing socks with flat sandals or slip-on shoes would do. To really get the effect of the sock, make sure most of it is visible. Especially if you want to show off a cool pattern or graphic.

4. Mismatched

Just because socks come in pairs doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear them together. Imagine an all-black outfit with black sneakers, and then mismatched socks in your two favorite colors. Tell me you don't think that's a genius outfit.

Part of what makes a trendsetter a trendsetter is their courage to do something that's never been done before. I'm not asking you to wear a tank top with holes cut out at the nipples like Regina George in Mean Girls, but wearing two different pairs of socks might be a good place to start. Plus, they'll make for a great statement piece in your outfit.

5. With Sneakers

Yes, this tip is very obvious. We all wear socks with sneakers or else our feet would just sweat right out of them, right? But the difference here is to wear socks you wouldn't normally wear with sneakers. Pair a chunky pair of basketball trainers with dainty lace socks. Rock a pair of high top Converse with socks covered in a donut print. Get creative with your choices, and look for unexpected combos.

6. With Slippers

We all know that socks give us a certain type of comfort. Instead of having to worry about our bare feet being revealed to the world, socks give us a barrier — a sort of protection, from outside dirt and grime. And if you have a pair of fuzzy socks, you're probably more than a little familiar with the magic that they can provide for our feet. Because after a long day running around town, nothing is more relaxing than pampering your feet, exfoliating them, moisturizing them, and finally wrapping them in a warm pair (throw them in the dryer for a few minutes) of fuzzy socks. It's seriously heavenly.

7. By Themselves

And finally, socks should be fun and exciting in and of themselves. Having a lot of sock choices opens the door for these style opportunities as well as so many more. Socks are relatively cheap, and are offered in so many lengths, types, designs, etc., so they become a fun style hobby to play around with. And they make a major statement, too. Really, it's a win-win style situation. So sock to it!

Again, I'm so, so sorry.

Images: Melodi Erdogan; Giphy; missyarko, gklimkowska, _fresh_elites, flight.kyle/Instagram