This Is The Ultimate DIY Coconut Oil Infographic

From treating the split ends in your hair to removing your makeup, it's clear that there can never be too many ways to integrate coconut oil into your life. As if you needed more proof, this infographic from Northwest Pharmacy will teach you how to make coconut oil sunscreen, plus other DIY coconut oil beauty products.

Often times, DIYs can seem too difficult to...well, do it yourself, because the instructions don't seem specific enough or a step might not be explained thoroughly, and thus, not make complete sense. But this handy coconut oil infographic not only has adorable cartoon graphics, but also includes super easy instructions to follow. Visual learners, unite!

Did you know you could use coconut oil to cure your acne? All you need is 1/8 cup of coconut oil and a handful of drops of tea tree oil, et voila, pimples be gone! If you've been looking for an au naturel way to deodorize your pits, there's a recipe for that, too! Or maybe you've been wondering how to incorporate coconut oil into your makeup game—learn how to make coconut oil-based eyeliner! The possibilities are endless, and we have this super awesome infographic to thank.

Each DIY product has what I like to call "recipes." The infographic includes step-by-step list of instructions along with all the measurements you need for each ingredient. All you have to do is gather your ingredients and follow the short-and-sweet directions that are listed alongside or below the simple cartoons. Before you know it, you've made a simple coconut-oil-based product!

My personal fave would have to be the body butter, but the infographic also has DIYs for toothpaste, lip balm, and sunscreen. And if you're already a pro-DIYer, feel free to add in other nourishing natural ingredients to make your own renditions.

Images: PhuThinhCo/Flickr;