These Celebrities Are Not Shy About Farts

What a gas! Celebrities really are just like us, guys. This point couldn't be more true than when it comes to bodily functions. Although flatulence is as natural as a summer breeze, many of us would cringe with embarrassment at the thought of letting out a public booty toot. For whatever reason, passing gas in front of a single person can render us mortified. Can you picture proclaiming your flatulent habits to an entire nation? While the very thought may be tripling your pulse rate this very minute, several celebrities have proudly proclaimed that they are fans of the fart. Whether it be in interviews, through social media, or even during show-stopping performances, several A-listers have embraced the natural bodily function as anything but taboo.

Not only do most of the celebs that I am about to list for you exhibit zero embarrassment over farting — they think that flatulence is fabulous! In fact, many even use the opportunity to solidify their romantic bonds. I, personally, never appreciated being the victim of my ex boyfriend's abominable dutch ovens, but I'll admit that being able to share in said moments is a true sign that you have reached a peak level of comfort in a relationship. Without further adieu, let's plug our noses and pay tribute to that thing we all do (yes, all of us) by taking a gander at nine celebrities who are not shy about farts.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence isn't just open about her own flatulence — pride in one's gas is one of her stipulations for a mate. In an October 2014 interview with Vanity Fair, Lawrence stated, "[I wants someone who] isn't afraid to fart in front of me [rather] than to have a big, passionate love." I, too, look for fearlessness in a lover, Lawrence — as long as I am equipped with plenty of Febreeze.

2. Katy Perry

Back in 2010, Katy Perry's then-husband, Russell Brand, referred to the singer as "a flatulence factory." Perry has also been quoted owning her gas, stating, "I fart a lot. I'm hopping around. I'm a little gassy. I don't care. It's my stage. I've had so many embarrassing moments." Preach!

3. Adam Levine

When you have "Moves Like Jagger" things are bound to...well...loosen up. In 2010, Adam Levine revealed that he — along with The Voice colleague, Blake Shelton, and ex-coach, Cee Lo Green — had to halt his farting ways in order to stop grossing out fellow coach, Christina Aguilera. "I honestly just recently started realizing that [she's] surrounded by three dudes all the time, and that has to be something of a pain in the ass," he said. "[But] we stopped farting in front of her!"

4. Ed Sheeran

Have I mentioned that Ed Sheeran is one of my top celebrity crushes? He is, and part of that crush stems from his unapologetic honesty. Case in point: Sheeran admitted to frequently passing gas onstage, and even making the mistake of letting a "shart" go whilst crooning. The show must go on — sharts and all.

5. Rita Ora

The above tweet says it all. Props for the addition of windy emojis, Rita Ora.

6. Jessica Simpson

Ever since Jessica Simpson took a foray into reality television with the early 2000s MTV hit, Newlyweds, we could all tell she was someone who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. During her pregnancy in 2011, she infamously tweeted, "The average woman farts 15 times that!" in response to OMGFacts' tweet stating, "The average person expels flatulence 15 times each day!"

7. Brad Pitt

Back before Brangelina was a household name, Brad Pitt was married to America's A-list sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. When describing his marriage to Aniston in an interview with Us Weekly, Pitt stated, "It's fantastic. I love it. Being married means I can fart and eat ice cream in bed."

8. Alyssa Milano

Am I the only one who finds the above tweet by the former Charmed star...well...charming?

9. Julianne Hough

During her Dancing With The Stars days, Julianne Hough let a little something slip after receiving some impressive scores from the judges. Seriously, though, what do you expect after all that dancing?

To all of you who were about to eat dinner before reading this list: I sincerely apologize. Seriously, though, we have to give some props to the bold celebrities who haven't shied from admitting to a natural — albeit, giggle-inducing — bodily function.

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