Perrie Edwards Spends Post-Zayn Breakup Weekend In Vegas & Proves She's Doing Just Fine — PHOTOS

Partying to hide the pain? Gambling her troubles away? Nope, not quite. Those definitely aren't the phrases I would use to describe Perrie Edwards' recent trip to Las Vegas. While some sites are quick to attribute Edwards' weekend plans as a way to mask the pain from her recent breakup with Zayn Mailk, I'd say that's inaccurate and belittling of her agency as a single woman. If anything, her time in Sin City with her Little Mix BFFs proves that she's doing just fine. It's not like Edwards is a fragile doll that needs all of our sympathy or whose entire life is put on pause because of a guy.

Of course, it must be hard for Edwards to go through a split in the public eye — there's no denying that. Especially since she was dating one of the most popular boy band members since the *NSYNC days. (Or technically, I should say former boy band member because Zayn Malik dumped 1D too...) But don't be mistaken; this Vegas trip wasn't about Malik. Instead, it was a promotional tour with Edwards' band, which is as equally awesome as One Direction. The Little Mix ladies have sold out stadiums and had hit singles all on their own. In fact, if you've heard one of their songs, you'd know they're all about girl-power anthems. (Pro tip: Listen to "Wings" if you haven't already.)

Let's take a look at the photos from Perrie and her pals' weekend getaway, which proves she's doing great.

Living It Up In The Limo

Cheers to great times with great friends!

P.S. Note that Edwards' champagne flute is empty, so before you assume she's drinking her troubles away, take a look at whether she's *actually* drinking.

Taking In The Scenery

This video shows she's too busy focusing on the beauty around her to be moping with a pint of Ben & Jerry's. (Not that there's anything wrong with that method of getting through a breakup either.)

Playing The Slots

If Edwards can make a Friends reference while in Vegas with her friends, you know she's on her A-game.

Chatting On The Radio

During the Vegas trip, Little Mix stopped by the 93.1 radio station for an interview. Look at those smiles!

See? Perrie Edwards is doing just fine, so let's stop viewing her every action as "shading" her ex-fiancé or partying as a way to deal with the pain. She deserves much more respect than that.