Demi Lovato Travels Australia In A Bold, Statement-Making Look From The '90s

You could definitely say by now that the '90s are officially back. And with all the outfits Demi Lovato's traveling around Australia wearing, it's pretty clear the trend is here to stay — at least for the pop star set.

Lovato chose to make a loud statement consisting of an actual fashion flashback to the '90s, which she rocked while posing with a variety of adorable animals, from kangaroos to koala bears (adorable). Wearing what the singer captioned as "Chanel on Chanel on Chanel," Lovato sported a bright, patterned button-down dress (that definitely gives off vibes of those old turquoise and purple to-go paper cups), a metallic cuff, and an adorable, heart-shaped purse. Basically, Lovato went as '90s as possible without literally time travelling back two decades.

This definitely isn't the first time Lovato has made a bold fashion statement on her Instagram, from red carpet looks to a strong, no-makeup selfie. And with Lovato herself, who seems to be quite the fashion fan — she even has her own cosmetic line — it's not surprising that the performer would share such a colorful look. Let's face it: A pattern so loud takes some serious confidence, but Lovato is definitely rocking it.

Check out Lovato's look here:

Though Lovato's outfit is bold, nothing compares to this adorable kangaroo:

And since it's pretty unlikely you have loads of free time to hunt down some vintage Chanel of your own today (but wouldn't that be awesome), check out some of these bright duds so you can channel some '90s fashion without spending a pretty penny.

Business-Casual '90s

Sleeveless Dress, $49.99, H&M

Fitted And Striped

Textured Watercolor Striped Dress, $22.90

Bold Florals

Hatty Floral Velvet Slip Dress, $180, Topshop

Your outfit's so fly, Demi.

Images: ddlovato/Instagram (2), Courtesy Brands