9 The 'PLL' Girls Were The Ultimate Stylish Cast

by Kali Borovic

Today marks "A" Day! And with the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars comes personal photos of the IRL "liars" on set with each other. From looking at their light-hearted (and stylish) Instagram posts, I'm now officially more obsessed with the cast than the actual show. Whether you're a Pretty Little Liars lover or not, the cast's social media looks will make you a style believer.

There really is a look for everyone's personal style on this show, from Aria's punk phase to Spencer's blazers and lacrosse skirts. It's nice to see how the Liars have grown up, personality and fashion wise, over the last five years. The way that each girl stays so true to her sense of style hops right off the screen and into their personal social media accounts, which makes watching the show even more fun. With completely different styles, this friend-filled cast has for something for everyone to love.

Clearly, these ladies have a great time hanging out together, on or off set. From casual beach days together to switching stylish roles, this cast has won my little style loving heart. I can only hope that this season brings with it more cast get togethers and social media posts for me to obsess over — and outfits for me to endlessly copy. Read on for nine times these ladies made you care more about their ensembles than about the identity of A.

1. Prints Galore

The Liars brought their personal style together to make for one fashionable group shot.

2. Layered Accessories

Who said the halls of Rosewood High can't use a little bling?

3. Soaking Up The Sun

These two make for the ultimate style besties on and off screen.

4. Supporting Each Other

Well if that doesn't steal your pretty little heart, then I don't know what will.

5. Dressing Up

How fab do they look?!

6. And Dressing Down

They even customize their own shirts together. With all profits going to chairty, I might add.

7. Coordinating Outfits

The fact that they did this on accident is enough to prove how tight their off-screen bond is.

8. Showing Off Sunnies

How much does it cost to get in on this stylish friendship?

9. Riding In Style

The on-screen couple make bad look so good.