The 8 Funniest 'Straight Outta' Memes

When Straight Outta Compton launched the "Straight Outta Somewhere" campaign, I'm not sure they meant for it to be used as a means of insulting Iggy Azalea, but, as we learned from Bill Cosby, once a meme generator is out there, there is no telling what the internet will do. In anticipation of the theatrical release of Straight Outta Compton, the NWA biopic out Aug. 14, Dr Dre launched "Straight Outta Somewhere," a website meme-generator where fans can fill in the "Straight Outta ___" logo used in the film's promotional materials and layer it onto whatever photo they want. Pretty cool, right? Well, I've compiled some of the best Straight Outta memes below, and believe me — they're great.

Dre launched the campaign on Instagram, encouraging fans to "Rep your city," and providing examples featuring fellow rappers and musicians. Once unleashed, the #StraightOutta meme took on a life of its own, with some of the most popular posts being more mean-spirited than proud. And, even though some excellent ones remain, not everyone was a fan of the meme. In fact, Chrissy Teigen tweeted her disdain for the meme, writing, "Straight outta room on my f--king timeline with this damn unfunny meme please send help."

Still, there are a few excellent memes that are worth sharing — most of them of the fangirl/fanboy variety. Here are some of the best.

"Straight Outta Hogwarts"

'Cause Harry Potter and his DA (Dumbledore's Army) crew were the NWA of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"Straight Outta Dillon"

Fulfilling fangirls' dreams everywhere, Scott Porter, who starred as Jason Street on Friday Night Lights, created this one featuring some of his FNL co-stars including Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen) and Gaius Charles (Smash) — the ultimate #SquadGoals.

"Straight Outta Starks"

To all Game of Thrones' fans... this one hurts.

"Straight Outta The Oven"

'Cause there's nothing more legit than fresh baked goods.

"Straight Outta Time"

The #StraightOutta Meme was fated to join forces with the classic Back to the Future. It is destiny. (Seriously, this may be my favorite of all.)

"Straight Outta The Hole"

This particularly twisted meme is for all the Scandal fans out there who, for some reason, love Huck torture episodes. (May God have mercy on Huck's soul...or at least give him a haircut.)

"Straight Outta Salem"

Bette Midler gets major points for giving the world this #StraightOutta meme referencing her epic turn as an evil witch in the beloved Hocus Pocus . And, is she challenging NWA on who the baddest team in town is? Could this lead us to the most epic and silly rap battle of all time?! I hope so. Dr Dre, I await your response.

"Straight Outta Patience"

Finally, a few users took the meme to the next level by combining the meme with #BlackLivesMatter, creating socially conscious memes more in line with the original intentions of NWA's Straight Outta Compton album.

It may not have gone how the movie planned, but the "Straight Outta" meme-generator is practically as entertaining as the movie itself.

Images: Universal Pictures